Translation of dwelling in Spanish:


morada, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdwɛlɪŋ//ˈdwɛlɪŋ/


  • 1literary

    morada feminine literary
    • When the shot rang out, residents in the area stormed from their dwellings to see what was going on.
    • The planning brief for the site originally envisaged 180 residential dwellings.
    • On the way you pass through the sprawl of makeshift dwellings that are home to tens of thousands of squatters.
    • The row house, a series of attached dwellings, was a common form of housing.
    • She would like to see a block or two of typical residential dwellings from each era of the city preserved somewhere in the city.
    • Caravans or mobile homes will not be permitted for use as permanent dwellings.
    • They are among the oldest dwellings in the local authority housing stock.
    • Between them they will provide 15 dwellings in a mix of one and two bedroom flats and houses.
    • Up the road from that particular house there are even more spectacular dwellings.
    • There might be a way to adapt the house to divide it into two separate dwellings.
    • Some homeowners have even traded down from more expensive abodes to less pricey dwellings.
    • Many residents of the settlement strive to make their dwellings habitable.
    • Modern homes are replacing traditional dwellings both in the country and the city.
    • To do that we'd have to make the dwellings smaller and semi-detached, but that would reduce the value considerably.
    • Naturally the dwellings for the resident Spaniards were modelled on their counterparts in Spain.
    • The dwellings had no gardens and no provisions were made for dustbins or sheds etc.
    • Their homes were invariably humble dwellings, without even a proper chair for a guest or a visitor.
    • Permission for residential dwellings in a zone designated for industrial use should never have been granted.
    • By chance, the restaurant is housed in a former dwelling place occupied by a Dutch family and built in mid 1800s.
    • It's no good saying that the solution is to rip up everything and instead build high-density dwellings in urban centres.
  • 2formal

    vivienda feminine