Translation of eagle in Spanish:


águila, n.

Pronunciation /ˈiɡəl//ˈiːɡ(ə)l/


  • 1

    (with masculine article in the singular) águila feminine
    • Some years back, we reintroduced the white-tailed sea eagle here.
    • He did not notice the eagles soaring over him, nor the vultures which looked down on him from his very own towers.
    • It features free-flying displays and an opportunity for people to see at close hand some 30 different birds of prey, including eagles, buzzards and falcons.
    • Across the water were four immature eagles soaring, swooping, and suffering the aggression of what we believe was a Merlin.
    • My brother is into birds of prey - mostly eagles and falcons.
    • I followed the majestic flight of an eagle reveling in his freedom, soaring through the skies as if they were his to roam at will.
    • The site, which is run by volunteers and houses more than 60 birds including owls, eagles and vultures, is a popular destination for families and school groups.
    • He could spot mental mistakes and misjudgments in a ball game quicker than an airborne eagle catches sight of prey scurrying around on the ground.
    • From the roof terrace of his three-storey whitewashed house, Ian Gibson watches golden eagles swooping lazily above.
    • The South African National Bird of Prey Centre takes in injured raptors - eagles, owls, sparrow hawks, for example - and nurses them back to health.
    • Dumbfounded, I forgot all about my camera until the eagle was out of sight.
    • The flight of an eagle is a beautiful thing to watch: wings outspread, gliding and dipping, effortlessly riding invisible currents.
    • Hornbills are large, canopy-dwelling birds that fear eagles but don't mind leopards - after all, the birds fly and the leopards don't.
    • The Ende's consider the birds - eagles, falcons, hawks, owls and kestrels - as part of their family.
    • A gorgeous golden eagle was perched on the sill.
    • In addition to human foes, Australian flying foxes must contend with a number of natural predators, including pythons, wedge-tailed eagles and powerful owls.
    • But in every generation, it seems, they try, remembering not the fall, but the heady lift of flight, the eagle soaring by.
    • The seemingly insignificant scorpion, now moving under the shadows of the eagle's powerful wings, never even caught the bird's eye.
    • In recent years fanfare accompanied the return of species like the osprey and red kite in England and the white-tailed eagle in Scotland.
    • For one thing, the ferrets weren't very predator savvy, and naive ferrets made easy prey for hawks, eagles and other grassland hunters.
  • 2

    (in golf)
    eagle masculine
    • The ball pitched a few yards past the flag and, courtesy of a powerful amount of backspin, zipped back into the hole for an eagle two.
    • The first year, I was standing at the 18th green and had just finished playing when Lew Worsham scored an eagle 2 on the last hole.
    • Levet was first to play and there was delight when his little chip and run trickled into the hole for an eagle three.
    • Cheetham needed an eagle on the last hole of Tour School to make it back on to the circuit.
    • The 3-handicapper contributed three eagles and four birdies to his team en route to shooting a 69 on his own ball.