Translation of eagle eye in Spanish:

eagle eye

mirada escrutadora, n.


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    mirada escrutadora feminine
    ojo de lince masculine
    you have to keep an eagle eye on those two tienes que estar ojo avizor con esos dos
    • He visited all elephant camps regularly, inspecting his charges with an eagle eye, to ensure that his rigorous feeding and medication protocols were strictly followed.
    • A teenager is appealing for Bradford residents to keep an eagle eye out for his beloved bird after it flew the coop.
    • It has done Scotland an enormous favour, particularly in bolstering the fund management business under the eagle eye of part - time cattle rancher Orie Dudley.
    • Meanwhile others are sure to be keeping an eagle eye on the extraordinary developments taking place in the upper yard of Dublin Castle.
    • She kept an eagle eye out for guests with empty cups or plates that needed refilling.
    • The police are waiting with an eagle eye to claw on the target!
    • He prefers informal chats with employees to group meetings but keeps an eagle eye on the numbers.
    • Your job is to keep an eagle eye out for queries that you can post comments to, referring people back to your site.
    • I couldn't be relied on to keep an eagle eye on all my friends all the time could I?
    • Mr Gawthorpe, whose family have lived in York since 1646, used to try to dodge his uncle's eagle eye during their regular park escapades.
    • The rest of the party flowed past him to pass through the gate under the Guard detail's eagle eye, but Bahzell paused to clasp arms with him.
    • Investment advisers down here are not exactly keeping an eagle eye on the graphs and pie charts of the north's property market either.
    • The Professor has also been keeping an eagle eye on this stuff, of course.
    • As the employment cost report shows, businesses are keeping an eagle eye on labor expenses.
    • Conclusions about the strength of the government's faith in CIE management can be drawn from its determination to monitor the investment with an eagle eye.
    • She assured him, keeping an eagle eye on his tensed body so that if he pounced she'd be ready.
    • Freebies await if you keep an eagle eye on cashiers ringing up your bill.
    • Villagers who failed to halt a major house building project in Weir have vowed to keep an eagle eye on developers.
    • He'd keep an eagle eye on her and pull her up for a word if necessary.
    • There they came out, this army of Spanish matadors in the most superbly cut bomber-jackets that seemed to be embroidered by a tribe of Lambadi women under the maestro's eagle eye.