Translation of early music in Spanish:

early music

música antigua, n.


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    música antigua feminine
    • Their enthusiasm, for both the playing and the research involved in bringing early music to contemporary audiences, was palpable.
    • Musicology has now long provided a sophisticated research tool, and the amount of early music plucked from obscurity and subjected to expert scrutiny grows continuously.
    • If you enjoy early music, this new CD is a don't miss proposition.
    • Britain's foremost celebration of early music, York Early Music Festival, is celebrating 600 years of the musical traditions of England and York from today until July 13.
    • The English conductor and early music specialist offers a reading of blistering psychological intensity and first-rate musical integrity.
    • The seminal role played by the availability of good editions in the revival of early music could not be more apparent than in the case of Boyce.
    • The response of professional early music groups to the questions raised has taken two broad directions.
    • On the other hand, the director did opt for authentic Jacobean clothing and a band of specialised early music theatre musicians.
    • As an organist, Bach has always been fundamental and, I am keenly drawn to him and to early music as well.
    • The Times reckons York Early Music Festival to be ‘Britain's most prominent early music festival’.
    • The a cappella choir, which usually has around 24 members, performs early music at two major concerts and at numerous other events throughout the year.
    • He probably had as much personal acquaintance with early music as nearly anyone of his time.
    • Based in Amsterdam, The Fortuna Consort is an early music group exploring renaissance consort music in the form of recorder trio and lute.
    • It is also considered disruptive to clap individual songs or short instrumental pieces rather than at the end of each group at lieder recitals or early music concerts.
    • So I would have festivals within the festival, centred around jazz, or early music, or world music.
    • He has performed with many of the leading instrumentalists and ensembles of early music, and has been involved in a great many recordings of note.
    • I would prefer the more opulent, intense and intonationally varied vocalism of early music singers.
    • The open-ended nature of early music perfectly suits Giger's style, which is essentially thoughtful, exploratory, challenging, and mysterious.
    • Several of these specialize in early music, an area with small but intense support relative to the rest of the classical music scene.
    • At this point a comparison between the original facsimile score and any of the modern transcriptions would shed light on issues of editing early music.