Translation of earth in Spanish:


tierra, n.

Pronunciation /əːθ//ərθ/


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    • 1.1Religion Astronomy

      tierra feminine
      the earth or Earth la Tierra
      • In fact, the earthquake was so powerful that the Earth may have even wobbled on its axis.
      • This makes our very late appearance in the history of the Earth a sensible outcome.
      • I realized then that the Earth is just a giant rock orbiting around the sun in this empty space.
      • Together, heaven and earth offer one hymn, one prayer, one feast, and one doxology.
      • We are admonishing those leaders around the world who would invoke war upon the Earth.
      • A new heaven and a new earth will replace the world as we know it today.
      • God of heaven and earth, Maker of humankind, I cry to you!
      • And then at long last creation's groans and ours shall end and heaven and earth shall be one.
      • Imagine a perturbation of the Earth's orbit big enough to change the size of the sun in the sky.
      • This is because Venus and the Earth orbit the Sun at a slight angle to each other.
      • The course of life on planet Earth might even turn out to be described by such a picture.
      • The faithless disciple aims for both heaven and earth and gets neither.
      • The first chapter deals with the shape and place of the Earth within a spherical universe.
      • You say the Quran speaks of the sun and moon and that God separated earth from heaven.
      • At the side of the Earth nearest the Moon the oceans bulge upwards due to its pull.
      • All that occurs in earth and heaven or in past, present, and future is under the Creator's rule.
      • Mercury is also the only planet other than Earth that has a global magnetic field.
      • The emphasis that there are heaven and earth founds a distinction between the accessible earth and a transcendent realm that is yet part of the creation.
      • Helmont saw the cosmos as a living, spiritual organism with no rupture between heaven and earth.
      • Never leaving his side, we will gather and store up all of the holy and loving thoughts inspired by the presence of the Lord of heaven and earth.
      • He believed that the apparent rotation of the heavens was due to the axial rotation of the Earth.
      • The dust would then scatter some of the sun's rays back into space, cooling off the Earth.
      • The purpose of this project was to help settle the question regarding the shape of the Earth.
      • Such a machine would break the bounds of the Earth's gravity and shoot off into space.
      • He presents earth and heaven, flesh and spirit, as both opposite and parallel; they are counterparts that engender each other by turns.
      • Neither the Earth nor the Moon is a perfect sphere so they do not behave as a point mass.
      • The discovery suggests that life could exist on planets very different from Earth.
      • You would be scared out of your mind, but there is nothing more important or more desirable than going before God, Creator of heaven and earth.
      • Galileo used parallax arguments to prove that the New Star could not be close to the Earth.
      • Placed in that high position between heaven and earth, the priest is like Moses in battle: he requires people to hold up his arms.
      • The reason why these huts are here is because we wish to find a way of living that does not cause damage to the Earth.
      • Psalm 104 is an extended hymn about the Maker of heaven and earth, the Creator and provider of all.
      • God's reign is already present on our earth in mystery.
      • As the stones at the site indicate, this is a sacred place, a place of communion between heaven and earth, and through his dream Jacob recognizes its powers.
      • It seems that several of the earlier philosophers had concluded that the Earth is a globe.
      • Holy God of heaven and earth, we are humbled by your divine majesty, and cast about for the best words to honor you.
      • Has any other event been powerful enough to rip the veil that separated heaven from earth and reveal a new and living way to the Father?
      • So most of the fuel that a rocket takes on board is needed simply to escape the Earth's gravity.
      • And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away.
      • You may literally be in league with the powers of hell, ruin your life upon earth and miss heaven!

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    • 2.1(land, the ground)

      tierra feminine
      earth, sea and sky tierra, mar y aire
      • to fall to earth caer a tierra
      • Water movement through the bodies of earth dams can be studied using the Hele-Shaw models.
      • In this case a motorcyclist was injured in a collision at a junction where visibility was restricted by a bank of earth on land owned by British Rail.
      • Cover the ground with cardboard or newspaper, followed by a thin layer of earth.
      • I am 100 percent certain man and dinosaurs walked the earth at the same time.
      • Sunshine fell through the plastic windows of the hexagonal room and landed on containers of earth now devoid of the necessity for protection.
      • Her hands were covered with rubber gloves, and they were soiled with earth.
      • A hole is either drilled or dug through the surface layers of earth until a water bearing layer is encountered.
      • As the fat, large drops fell from the heavens and hit the parched earth, the land that had once been in a drought rejoiced, and the angels were glad.
      • Filling materials in an earth dam should be stable against seepage.
      • The weapons were concealed in a barrel, hidden in a bank of earth.
      • Vertical windows allow an appreciation of the connection between earth and sky.
      • As I watched them float to earth, I thought of the risks I've taken.
      • Under the layers of earth, something begins to move.
      • Made of rammed earth - the soil excavated from the site - the wall alleviated the need to buy soil or use wood to fence the property.
      • When the flow slowed, the river would deposit its burden of silt, forming a new layer of earth.
      • Trotsky asserted that, just as an earthquake revealed the layers of earth and rock beneath the surface, so a social upheaval would uncover the layers of society and its myriad forms.
      • The words Mystra had written seemed to sink through the paper and into the very earth itself, like raindrops to a thirsty plant.
      • Harvest in dry weather, shaking off any loose earth, and leave on the surface of the soil in sun if possible for a few days.
      • These do not actually include a power which would have enabled the council to go upon the land of British Rail and remove the bank of earth.
      • We come to a bridge under construction, the solid grey concrete piles in stark contrast to the compacted red earth comprising the river banks.
      • And the rear of the homes are banked up fully with earth, with grass right up across the roof.
      • January's garden is one huddled below ground; its plants submerged beneath a thick layer of frozen earth, itself shrouded beneath a thick carpet of snow.
      • They say the trees and the bank of earth next to the railway line currently absorb noise from the trains, and the loss of these will lead to more noise and shaking when they pass.
      • The earth plummeted into what appeared to be a succession of bottomless valleys, first on our left, then our right, as we meandered ever upwards.
      • Veil desperately tried to leap out, but a big clod of earth landed on his head.
      • Lightning striking earth is the result of a stormy sky - which electrifies clouds with many million volts.
      • The fog, a misty white at the very base of the mountain, where trees still grew, gave way to earth and, as earth gave way to sky, sky gave way to storm clouds.
      • At the end of each day the rubbish deposits are covered in a layer of earth, and there are stringent measures to stop polluted water leaking into the ground.
      • We also used earth in the soil cement floor of the kitchen and one cottage.
      • The loosened earth and weakened banks are more prone to collapsing then.

    • 2.2(soil)

      tierra feminine
      (wall/floor) (before noun) de tierra

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    Electricity tierra feminine British
    (terminal/wire/cable) (before noun) (de toma) de tierra
    (cable/terminal/wire) (before noun) a tierra Latin America
    the machine needs an earth la máquina necesita una toma de tierra
    • It is possible to stop a radio signal leaking into the ground via its earth cable by carefully choosing the height at which the antenna is mounted.
    • Older electrical systems in council flats don't have earth wires.
    • When electricity starts to arc from a wire to a metal surface this acts as an earth and causes a massive current flow which would normally blow any fuse.
    • The earth wire was then sleeved in Techflex braid and aquarium hose with some heatshrink added to secure the end.
    • It has exposed mains voltage solder points on top, no earth connection and one very flimsy and very dull aluminium end.
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    (burrow, hole)
    madriguera feminine
    • Some hunts even constructed artificial earths within their coverts to further encourage the fox population.
    • Indeed The International Fund for Animal Welfare has frequently uncovered hunts around the country that use artificial earths and food trails to entice foxes on to their land.
    • Foxhunters block up earths and badger setts the night before the hunt to ensure that foxes are forced to run until exhausted.
    • The night before the hunt, foxhunters cover up any earths and badger setts to make sure that the foxes have to run until exhausted.
    • I will also point out that foxes cannot pose a real danger to game or livestock because huntsmen in some counties build artificial earths to encourage foxes to live and breed there.
    • Foxes, chased to exhaustion and death, are often dug out of their earths and feel great pain.
    • They made a number of other estimates, like the number of cubs they believe were born on their farm, the number of breeding earths and other things, all of which were published.
    • Many hunts take steps the night before, or early on the day of the hunt, to block up the entrances to earths, badger setts and artificial places such as drains.

transitive verb


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    conectar a tierra
    the appliance must be earthed el aparato debe estar conectado a tierra
    • They are not able to be earthed, filtered, or shielded electrically.
    • As deck crew, don't touch the winchman or cable until he or it has been earthed - sparks could fly.
    • When plugged in, the pump is earthed and I have a little more piece of mind!
    • It was only because the bottom of the sheet stuck in the ground and was earthed that James survived.
    • Your machine is being earthed by the earth cable in the power cord.
    • The outer (armour-plated) plate is earthed while the insulated inner plate is live.
    • The system is earthed by the screws into the metal box in the wall.
    • Using a computer in Antarctica, even inside the base, meant having to wear a wristband to earth oneself from ever-present static electricity shocks.
    • When the fencer is correctly earthed, all insulators and connections are correct and there is no vegetation growth on the wire.
    • Brown found that although pylons are earthed to make them safe, it is possible to stop a radio signal leaking into the ground via its earth cable by carefully choosing the height at which the antenna is mounted.
    • Having first checked that everything was earthed off, we went unplugging cables.