Translation of earthquake in Spanish:


terremoto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈərθˌkweɪk//ˈəːθkweɪk/


  • 1

    terremoto masculine
    sismo masculine Latin America
    seísmo masculine Spain
    • This earthquake was the seventh in a series of repeating earthquakes on this stretch of the fault.
    • A lifetime of earthquakes and landslides and volcanos and floods have changed the landscape as we once knew it.
    • Nine on the Richter scale indicates an earthquake of absolutely awesome destructive power.
    • This displacement manifests itself through destructive earthquakes along the North Anatolian Fault.
    • The small country of El Salvador suffered two devastating earthquakes in one month.
    • This is one of the most destructive earthquakes of the twentieth century.
    • British earthquakes concentrate along a similar north-south belt, with the strongest events in the west.
    • The violent earthquake unleashed itself under the sea near northern Indonesia on December 26.
    • It was the end of a week in which the number of earthquakes near the volcano grew significantly.
    • Sunday's quake was both an aftershock of last year's tremor, and an earthquake in its own right.
    • When it came to measuring these big earthquakes, the Richter scale fell short.
    • Within days of the earthquake she had been flown out of the country and was back home with her parents.
    • As the plates grind against one another, earthquakes are triggered along the fault.
    • We have had small earthquakes that have shaken the earth before, though nothing of that magnitude.
    • There are worries that there could be an aftershock earthquake, which could trigger another tsunami.
    • Tsunamis are waves formed when huge masses of water are displaced by undersea volcanic eruptions or earthquakes.
    • Every year, hundreds of minor earthquakes occur and some are felt in this the region.
    • About twice a year people feel still smaller earthquakes that do not cause damage.
    • They are subject to periodic earthquakes and volcanic activity that can destabilize them.
    • The two earthquakes struck within days of each other, unleashing roughly the same devastating power.