Translation of earthshaking in Spanish:


que causa conmoción, adj.


Pronunciation /ˈərθˌʃeɪkɪŋ/


  • 1

    (news/event) que causa conmoción
    it was hardly an earthshaking discovery no se puede decir que haya sido un descubrimiento trascendental / revolucionario
    • None of this is of earth-shattering importance; much of it is of no importance at all.
    • None of these in isolation are earth-shattering events, but together they provide persuasive evidence of the cultural revolution now taking place in Britain.
    • For most players, that hardly would have been earth-shattering news.
    • The question does not have to be of earth-shattering importance, but it really does have to be of deep concern to the querist at the time the question is asked.
    • These days, everything in football has to be a matter of earth-shaking significance.
    • Each couple has an earth-shattering story to tell.
    • Last Saturday's earth-shattering event did not receive, from this paper, the celebration it deserved.
    • This would be an earth-shattering, transformational event that would have a major social and economic impact across the region.
    • The decisions they arrive at could have earth-shaking significance.
    • Admittedly their margins of victory in this Munster campaign have not been earth-shattering.
    • This is an extremely bizarre and rather earth-shattering story.
    • It may not sound like earth-shattering news, but for those of us who love our cinemas as much as we do our movies, it is.
    • It was an earth-shattering reminder that games change and sometimes you can't stay in love forever.
    • I was awake then, but somehow managed to miss this earth-shattering event.
    • It's a path well-trodden, and not a place where one is going to come up with many new, earth-shattering insights.
    • I know this isn't exactly earth-shattering news but the news does bring back quite a flood of happy memories for me.
    • Today the guiding hand of evolution is unmistakably human, with earth-shattering consequences.
    • While this may not seem like earth-shattering news to the world at large, it has certainly altered life on the home front.
    • It would not be an earth-shattering shift for the republican movement.
    • If something truly earth-shattering happens I may pop my head up.