Translation of easel in Spanish:


caballete, n.

Pronunciation /ˈizəl//ˈiːz(ə)l/


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    caballete masculine
    • The artist bent over the easel day and night, vigorously splashing paint here and splashing paint there.
    • Rembrandt's drawing, a plan for a painting, is a simple sketch of the artist alone with his easel.
    • The easel is set diagonally to the right of the stool, just as the artist has his easel in Allegory of Painting.
    • The artist's easel, paint box, palettes, paintbrushes and dried tubes of paint occupied a corner.
    • She is planning one more major adventure, but after that has promised her family that she will return to her easel - she paints watercolours using Chinese inks and paper.
    • With a huge white canvas on the easel before them, artists were called, one by one randomly, given a minute to convey his idea by a deft stroke in his chosen colour.
    • The show is also a wonderful time to watch artists set up easels and paint for the crowds or sign posters and books.
    • All of it is made possible by the creative energy that is released each time Thomas sits at his easel to paint.
    • Among the gifts were gardening books, a new garden pond and an easel, artist's chair and watercolour paints, to help her with her new activities in retirement.
    • Abby nodded and grabbed the camera she usually used, and Chris followed her with an easel and some oil paints.
    • Hal Meah, a sketch artist who set up his easel at the fairs on our route, taught me how to draw.
    • Churchill, a frequent guest, often relaxed there with his easel and paints, while Rex Whistler contributed decorative murals.
    • Cai installed the works in a distinctly outdated mode, crowded together on wooden easels that evoke sidewalk art-fair displays.
    • This is where the town's Romeos parade up and down, its old men relax on benches outside the church, and artists work at their easels.
    • Her friends at the club would take turns posing in front of the easel, while Grotte and other art club members painted them.
    • A canvass was set up on the easel, paints on the table alongside.
    • Business is so bad that their son Graziano, a talented artist, has time to set up his easel and paint in the restaurant as well as work as a waiter.
    • They are shown in a large room, surrounded by other characters, including the artist himself, who stands at his easel.
    • Here exhibited for the first time, it depicts a painting on an easel and a bird on the wing, the easel representing the artist and the bird in flight the liberating act of painting.
    • Benton's early pictures were painted on easels and the pictures were expected to be framed and hung on walls.