Translation of eater in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈidər//ˈiːtə/


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    I'm a big eater como mucho
    • she's a big eater es muy comilona / comelona
    • we're big meat eaters comemos mucha carne
    • I'm a fussy eater soy muy maniático / remilgoso para comer
    • If our forbears were big eaters, or if we were fed a lot in childhood, our needs will be greater.
    • And even the most fastidious eaters today are probably consuming gene-altered food against their will.
    • The courses are sized small, but leave even big eaters satisfied.
    • My picky eater son isn't much into trying new things.
    • She is a slow thoughtful eater and I gulp my food down but other than that we had lots in common.
    • You just have to try and fit it in - and I'm a big eater!
    • Most chronic arthritis patients are heavy eaters and often take food furnishing 3,500 to 4,000 calories.
    • Canadians are ‘big eaters,’ with meat portions in particular dominating the Canadian meal.
    • It revealed whoever made it was not a great vegetable eater but consumed large amounts of meat and grain.
    • It wasn't intentional; she just wasn't a big eater.
    • As a big and fussy eater, I found the whole thing tortuous.
    • If you don't eat meat or fish, but are happy to tuck into dairy products and eggs, you are a lacto-ovo-vegetarian - and the most common type of vegetarian eater.
    • If you start with a book like this one, chances are you won't need that picky eater chapter at all.
    • Unlike most heavyweights, is a picky eater, no spicy foods.
    • As for my brothers, well I have four of them and they're all big eaters.
    • While eating well is a term used to compliment big eaters, eating properly entails replenishing energy resources.
    • He is a compulsive eater; consuming all he can to fill the void within him that food really can't fill.
    • The list of main courses offered something for everyone - big eaters and small, vegetarians and carnivores.
    • Rosies are voracious eaters, consuming almost anything and everything.
    • Those Willett boys didn't get that big by being fussy eaters surely?