Translation of eaves in Spanish:


alero, n.

Pronunciation /iːvz//ivz/

plural noun

  • 1

    alero masculine
    • To accomplish this smoothly, place a straight edge down the slope of the roof overhanging the eave.
    • The design includes a hipped and gabled roof, deep eaves, a side deck, and a screened front porch.
    • Consider fixing up some bat boxes too, high up on a wall, near the eaves of the house or in a tall tree.
    • There are many new products on the market that will provide inlet air at the eave of the roof by bringing in the air from behind the gutters, through the roof sheathing, and under the shingle materials.
    • Large, flowery hanging baskets dangle from lamp posts and the eaves of buildings.
    • Its features include floors raised off the ground and steeply pitched roofs with deep overhanging eaves.
    • They also build nests in unwanted places such as air vents and eaves of buildings.
    • Flying above all this are the wide overhanging eaves of the low slope timber roofs.
    • Older units with asbestos roofs and low eaves are particularly unpopular.
    • The doorway into the main dwelling was intact and the walls rose to the eaves.
    • They often made their homes in the eaves under the roofs of houses where they would hunt the mice that dwelt there in great numbers.
    • Overhang the eave by 1/2 inch and leave a space of 1/16 inch between each shingle.
    • Small windows under large eaves made this typical 1960s tract ranch house too dark.
    • Before man provided shelter in the shape of overhanging eaves, martins were cliff and cave dwellers.
    • The woman led me into the small room under the eaves of the roof.
    • He stood under the eaves of the roof allowing the rain to give himself a shower.
    • The spatial containment of the outside room is supported by extending the eave and by the fireplace.
    • This bird was feeding young in a nest perched in the eaves of one of the temple buildings.
    • Set your ladder against the house eaves so it extends a few feet above the roof.
    • Being on a level near the roof where it sloped downwards, they were able to attach the thin cables that commonly referred to as lines by the small suction cup on the end to an overhanging eave and climb onto the roof.