Translation of ebony in Spanish:


ébano, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɛbəni//ˈɛb(ə)ni/


  • 1

    ébano masculine
    • Castings with a pedestal of ebony or mahogany add grandeur to the commission.
    • It is usually much less ambitious and is most frequently found in small self-contained panels set within veneers of walnut, olive, or ebony.
    • He was truthfully longing to sit in the King's throne, a large ornate thing, ebony and mahogany edged with gold and silver.
    • During Victorian times, the use of more exotic timbers like mahogany and ebony became popular, meaning trees were exported from Africa, Asia and the Americas.
    • He also incorporated decorative details such as string inlays of contrasting woods, usually holly and ebony.
    • Recorders are made from hardwoods such as maple, rosewood, or ebony as well as the plastic versions.
    • The Indian furniture was usually of ebony, padouk, or rosewood with the floral borders and motifs either inlaid or engraved on ivory veneer.
    • A young, auburn-haired woman sat in an ebony rocking chair.
    • The table they had set up was dark ebony with rather comfy chairs surrounding it.
    • The ebony veneered case was probably made by one of the other Flemish artisans active in Rome in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries.
    • Carved vines snaked their way up the posts, twining round the dark ebony.
    • The grain-painted case imitates mahogany and ebony inlay, and the face is decorated with Masonic imagery.
    • Special attention was given to the altar screen, which is made using an extremely complicated technique of thin and delicately carved ivory, ebony and mahogany plates.
    • One of the main features is the red ebony solid timber in the staircase and ground flooring.
    • Fingering the silver skull on the top of his ebony walking stick, he waited.
    • The serving table, attributed to Thomas Seymour, is topped by two extremely rare American knife cases that employ charred poplar to simulate ebony.
    • Once in a while the really dense woods, such as boxwood and ebony can fool me, and I really have to work hard to tell the difference between Madasgar and Honduras rosewood.
    • Before she left, she was given an array of presents from former students, including an ebony carving of a Masai family.
    • Its paleness escapes looking bland thanks to contrasting inlays of ebony, walnut and amboyna, a wood distinguished by bird's eye curls.
    • The bed itself was framed in dark ebony, its dusky twists spiraling towards the ceiling, while the rest of the room was swathed in black and shades of maroon and blood red.
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    ébano masculine
    • Many of the islands are mountainous and heavily forested with teak, ebony, and sandalwood.
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    color (de) ébano masculine
    (skin/hair) (before noun) negro como el ébano
    • She was a beauty at Nineteen with long black ebony hair, with silver high light that flowed down the center of her back stopping with a neat trim at her waist.
    • I'm that student with the blonde hair and stunning ebony black eyes.
    • Strangely though, the child has ebony black hair… darker than his mother's.
    • He was standing on the front step, his emerald green eyes once again veiled by his curtain of ebony black hair.
    • Most of their hair is dyed ebony black along with their fingernails.
    • Blue eyeshadow painted her eyelids while dark ebony traced her closed eyes.
    • One of them had ebony black skin and a pierced ear.
    • One creature looked sort of elfish, except for its darker dark navy color that was almost ebony.
    • She remembered the way he looked when she'd first met him-like a dark God, his ebony body tall and strong, hard and sweaty.
    • Donna was probably the third most beautiful with her ebony black hair and dark, mysterious eyes.
    • A cape was draped upon his broad shoulders, a dark shade of ebony as well, in a circle around him reaching mid back and joined in the front by a large red jewel set in silver.
    • An elf entered the room - a tall elf in a robe of ebony with jet raven hair and black eyes appearing darker than even the room had felt.
    • His eyes were blue and shone through a shock of thick ebony black hair.
    • Even though all that could be seen of him was his light brown cloak, black scarf and icy ebony hair, the people staring at him had their shoulders tensed in hostility.
    • Jonathan strode in, his black cloak swirling around him, his dark ebony hair disheveled by the wind.
    • The dark brown colour of his eyes matched his ebony hair.
    • The walls were stained with dark colors like crimson and ebony.
    • It really stood out because of her ebony coloured hair.
    • Her ebony black hair was loose on her shoulders and I noticed that she wore no make up.
    • With his bright blue sapphire eyes and ebony black spiked hair he stunned the school's female population, excluding Amanda and her friends.