Translation of eclair in Spanish:


palo de nata, n.

Pronunciation: /ɪˈklɛː//eɪˈklɛː/


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    palo de nata masculine Spain
    bomba feminine River Plate
    • My favourite is the chocolate eclairs, although the brownies were also good.
    • Since chocolate eclairs taste much better than broccoli, realizing that we still like broccoli may give it a fighting chance.
    • Brian's no sooner plopped himself down on the sofa and doffed his designer sunglasses than he starts making trouble by helping himself to the chocolate eclairs that Michael bought especially for his outing with Dr. Dave.
    • I sort of ended up telling him the whole story over coffee and eclairs.
    • It is a relatively small price to pay, however, for the abundance of cheap beer, divine chocolate eclairs and great restaurants he enjoys throughout Sofia.
    • I will be posting an itinerary shortly so that you can all plan your weekend around coming and supporting us in our efforts by bringing gifts of vodka and chocolate eclairs.
    • Butterflies were released instead of confetti, the reception had an African theme and the cake was made up of chocolate eclairs and berries.
    • So with that in mind, I ordered the toffee cheesecake and then went back to Lisa's flat for chocolate eclairs.
    • After that I shall no doubt eat a fresh cream chocolate eclair.
    • Will local bakeries that produce buns and chocolate eclairs be affected?
    • Plied with not just croissants, but also pains au chocolat, eclairs and elegant little cakes, the Virgos recount the tale that has secured them a footnote in British political history.
    • I also have a total weakness for cakes - especially a nice sponge or some chocolate eclairs.
    • For dessert they selected a chocolate eclair with vanilla ice cream.
    • For dessert we ordered chocolate eclairs served with ice cream, chocolate and blueberry sauce.
    • That's a pineapple carrot cake on the bottom and whiskey eclairs in the middle and deep dish chocolate cake with the candle in it.
    • Graham had chocolate eclairs and I treated myself to a small pack of custard tarts.
    • A plateful of sinful chocolate eclairs sitting on the countertop were trying hard to call my name, flirting with my sweet tooth by offering promises of oozing cream and a sugary chocolate fondant topping.
    • As the university's famous jazz ensemble entertained, guests sampled sushi, shrimp, cheeses, fruit, sandwiches, eclairs and other desserts.
    • They were like eclairs with a marzipan, instead of a fondant, topping.
    • Had we the time and the sweet tooth we could have ordered a confection from the counter, anything from a Chester cake to an eclair to a scone with jam and butter.

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