Translation of editorial in Spanish:


de redacción, adj.

Pronunciation /ɛdɪˈtɔːrɪəl//ˌɛdəˈtɔriəl/


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    (in publishing)
    (assistant/director) de redacción
    editorial experience experiencia de corrección / edición de textos feminine
    • Both writers made substantial adjustments to the original material, and their editorial work is now regarded as suspect and unscholarly.
    • ‘Due to our own mistake, the promotional CD… had material with a grievous editorial error,’ the letter says.
    • And given the editorial quality of your publication so far I think it's safe to say that your opinions will soon become well respected.
    • I don't think it's a necessary or wise rule for editorial decisions in publications such as this one.
    • Author charges of about $300 per published article are expected to cover the costs of peer review, editorial oversight, and publication.
    • What hurts the editorial staff of most publications is the intrusion into the creative process of money in the form of advertising revenue.
    • I was beginning my ninth year on the publishing staff at the Historical Society in Helena and my second year in the editorial chair of this publication.
    • Why is the assessment of editorial excellence as murky as critical judgment of poetry, chamber music or architecture?
    • Julia has just come to Heldref Publications to augment its editorial staff, with our journal as one of her first responsibilities.
    • The award is the result of collaboration between the editorial staff of Euromoney publications and consultants from major accounting and financial services firms.
    • Most stressed they had not been asked to show restraint by their governments but said they would use their editorial judgment if more material from the Saudi-born militant came their way.
    • We have also been busy sorting and sending files and materials to the new editorial staff and are working closely with them to ensure a smooth transition.
    • He had also hired a fresh team of senior editorial executives, nearly all of whom were still there eight years later.
    • For its part, the ABC maintains that its new policy on archival sales is meant to ensure the protection of the editorial integrity of the material.
    • He has also served as a visiting professor at several institutions and has served on several editorial boards of scholarly publications.
    • In my editorship, I intend to remedy this situation by using a brief report format for a somewhat different goal: rapid editorial decision and publication.
    • The time to exercise editorial responsibility is before publication, not after.
    • As part of the publication process, the editorial staff further clarifies these relationships and properly discloses them in print.
    • However, they are subject to the same editorial standards as the material that appears in our printed volume.
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    (decision/comment/freedom) editorial
    • The tour had received quite a fair amount of free advertising on the editorial pages.
    • But newspapers have NO right to lie to their readers and pass off advertising as editorial news or comment.
    • This is the 10th consecutive month the index has shown growth in manufacturing, yet this report received scant mention in the nightly news or on the editorial pages of the major newspapers.
    • You'll find this column in its usual spot, the last editorial page in the magazine.


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    editorial masculine