Translation of education in Spanish:


educación, n.

Pronunciation: /ɛdjʊˈkeɪʃ(ə)n//ˌɛdʒəˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/


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    (schooling, instruction)
    educación feminine
    (policy/system) (before noun) educativo
    primary/higher education enseñanza primaria/superior feminine
    • their education was interrupted by the war la guerra interrumpió sus estudios / su educación
    • a liberal/technical education una formación liberal/técnica
    • he didn't have a university education no cursó estudios universitarios
    • meeting so many different people was an education in itself conocer a tanta gente distinta fue muy instructivo de por sí
    • health education clases de higiene
    • education authority distrito escolar y autoridades correspondientes
    • Health education comes as second nature to soap operas.
    • In addition, lectures are organised for the families on topics such as health education and prevention of fire.
    • But how far does this aspiration tally with our own experience of medical education?
    • In homeland they get subsidized education from public universities.
    • This means that nursing care and assessments, the heart of nursing education, can be experienced.
    • When will the Government open its eyes to the simple fact health education must promote abstinence outside marriage and fidelity within it?
    • The purpose is to prevent our education from becoming obsolete and irrelevant within new global practices in education.
    • Ability comes from hard work, practice, education, blood, sweat and tears.
    • The information you give will be used to develop better health education for young people like yourself.
    • Thus, the perception of cannabis as a less dangerous drug is not mainly based on a lack of experience or drug education.
    • I am extremely disgusted by the practice of education in China today as a business.
    • In the public school system, education is compulsory from age six to age sixteen.
    • Although this has not been a requirement for other modes of medical practice or education, its importance should not be neglected.
    • Many pharmacists feel they require more education to practice within the PC model.
    • We regularly do workshops for the local education authority in Schools.
    • Finally, results and their implications to pharmacy education and practice are discussed.
    • Another story said he was conducting an experiment in political education.
    • Its role also includes the inspection of local education authorities, teacher training institutions and youth work.
    • An important part of the mission for many community colleges is developmental education.
    • Despite such broad shifts, the core practices of education remain essentially unchanged.
    • To many, adult education is nothing but literacy and remedial education aiming at teaching people how to read and write.
    • Should environmental education become a core subject in Australian schools?
    • The modular format can link theory and practice, between education and skills used on the job.
    • All three academies are also supported by their local education authorities.
    • Let us be bold in addressing the issues of psychology education and training, for the next generation is here.
    • As a focused team, we can affect legislation, education, and practice issues.
    • So that serves as a good metaphor for the way I think education and practice have separated and not come together.
    • But the local education authority has instructed a solicitor to establish who the rightful owner is.
    • Other recommendations include reversing the trend of mixed sex education and training staff in religious awareness.
    • One challenge involved putting together information on drugs education.
    • This was all the more striking because he was by education an art historian.
    • Are you describing online education as it is practiced today, or is this different?
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    (academic subject)
    pedagogía feminine
    teoría de la educación feminine
    educación feminine
    • Her first job involved sitting on the senior management board of the college of teacher education in Awassa.
    • Current practice in mathematics education is deeply entrenched and pervasive.
    • I was shocked out of my shoes because my master's degree from Hunter College was grounded in education.
    • Beth had received her degree in teacher education from a large public university in the southwest.
    • The journal provides a forum for the discussion of the theory and practice of drama and theatre education.
    • I also had four students who would be majoring in art education in college.
    • Teaching undergraduate education does not singularly focus on skills and competencies.
    • Ideal presence was at the very center of his aesthetic, and it was, at bottom, a theory of visual education.
    • Much research about medical education proceeds devoid of theory.
    • In England he applied his theories to dance education and also to designing corrective exercises for factory workers.
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    (knowledge, culture)
    cultura feminine
    a man of considerable/little education un hombre muy/poco culto