Translation of effervescence in Spanish:


efervescencia, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɛfərˈvɛsəns//ˌɛfəˈvɛs(ə)ns/


  • 1

    (of liquid, person)
    efervescencia feminine
    • One moment of effervescence in 2002 does not signal a change in fortunes.
    • The effervescence among them must be experienced to be believed.
    • With its slight sweetness and slight effervescence, it left me with a smile on my face.
    • Lime and lemon flavours jostle for attention alongside a lively effervescence and floral nose.
    • Effervescence in the army diminished over the winter, and the king came to regard Bouillé as someone whom he could perhaps rely on.
    • The happy surprise is only properly matched by the danger and excitement of cracking open a bottle of the king of effervescence.
    • The language in the article had the same breezy effervescence as the ideas and images of the building itself.
    • She quickly became a favourite in the London comedy clubs, tearing up audiences with her very own brand of effervescence.
    • Temperature, tannins and the effervescence of sparkling wines are perceived through the sense of touch in the mouth.
    • Its finely pearled effervescence is long lasting in the glass.
    • The feel-good element comes from Mumbai having this extraordinary resilience and effervescence of energy.
    • The vibe in the water was one of nervous effervescence.
    • A little effervescence and spicy notes add to the vibrancy of the wine which is beautifully dry.
    • He became a curious mixture of internal melancholy and external effervescence.
    • But effervescence keeps your taste buds alive.
    • Heating the acid makes it more reactive, prompting effervescence from even the least soluble carbonates.
    • I sense a tension between the two of them, despite their apparent effervescence.
    • They are blessed with youthful effervescence, a decent front man and scratchy lead guitar.
    • It captures the effervescence of the Essex personality and the county's famously vibrant business scene.
    • The effervescence she brought to that role comes through here, only not in quite such an idiotic way.
    • It is too long and occasionally plodding, and, despite the effervescence of the cast, not every song is a show stopper.
    • Despite such effervescence, however, there remains an underlying sense of incompleteness in the production.
    • Champagnes also take on a deeper golden colour as they age and tend to lose some of their effervescence.
    • It is however, nicely dry with a trace of effervescence and plenty of natural acidity (too much probably).
    • Many different approaches have been tried which is the hallmark of great intellectual effervescence.
    • They have the fruit quality of a red wine, with the acidity and effervescence to be the ideal palate cleanser with cheese.
    • Effervescence also helps reduce creatine destruction in the acid environment of your stomach.
    • With the airy animation and effervescence of his personality, he seems to bob like a buoy on the ocean.
    • Champagnes also take on a deeper golden color as they age and tend to lose some of their effervescence.
    • Extraordinary personalities converged at this time, resulting in the effervescence of Austrian modernism.
    • Slowly and inexorably though, his effervescence and buoyancy turned to bitterness.
    • I was pleasantly surprised with this wine, which had a slight effervescence and an intense fruitiness.
    • This time the result is an orchestral showpiece of irresistible effervescence.
    • This is a summertime standard, with its fresh orchard fruit aromas and a lively hint of effervescence.
    • Too nervous to savour the crisp dry effervescence, he downs the glass with two gulps and refills it, carefully this time.
    • To this day I can not look at a plate of aloo wadas without evoking tremors of gastric effervescence within.
    • A new spiritual paradigm is emerging from the present religious effervescence.
    • Full and potent but not too weighty, Montes Alpha Chardonnay 2003 exhibits a peachy, grapey nose with a slight effervescence.
    • Already exhibiting the characteristic kerosene aromas of the grape, this example is bone dry with a little effervescence.
    • Do not heat the acid to the boiling point, as boiling is not effervescence.