Translation of effluent in Spanish:


vertidos, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɛfluənt//ˈɛflʊənt/


  • 1

    (liquid waste) vertidos masculine
    (sewage) aguas residuales feminine
    radioactive effluent vertidos radioactivos
    • If the farm allows effluent into the river, then the fishery suffers due to increased costs of water purification.
    • Pollution of water bodies by industrial effluents and civic waste is a crime on humanity and can no longer be ignored by the enforcing authorities.
    • If effluent enters the river, bacteria use this food to multiply.
    • Ground water is polluted by industrial effluent and human waste.
    • The effluent contains a variety of industrial wastes but no estimate of their pollutional load is available.
    • Treated effluent is still discharged into Maguires Creek, the Richmond River and the Pacific Ocean.
    • Late this season several thousand juvenile salmon died on an upper stretch of the Moy as a result of a discharge of effluent.
    • But we can't go on trying to deal with effluent and waste and toxins without putting in resources.
    • Something similar happened when pig-farm effluent got into a river in Carolina in the US.
    • Most rivers - or what's left of them - are foul reservoirs of industrial effluents and sewage.
    • Typical point sources of water pollution are manufacturing effluent and municipal waste.
    • However, there were occasions when because of the poor quality industrial effluents being discharged into the river the water could carry no oxygen and it was impossible for fish to survive.
    • The indiscriminate dumping of industrial effluents and civic waste, in combination with falling water levels have taken their toll.
    • This dumping of industrial effluents into the rivers will affect the general health of livestock and human beings dependant on water from these rivers.
    • There were also 61 oil spills and 54 leaks of minerals and trade effluent.
    • He said that the company, which admitted one count of discharging effluent, took environmental issues seriously.
    • We are well aware that to discharge untreated effluent into a water course is illegal and unacceptable.
    • Farmers are now aware that silage effluent is highly polluting.
    • The agency said there were high levels of nutrients, particularly phosphate and nitrate, which entered the river through sewage effluents and agricultural activities.
    • It emerged last night that chemically treated human effluent was discharged at the site yesterday afternoon.
  • 2

    (stream flowing from lake)
    arroyo que desagua un lago