Translation of eggbeater in Spanish:


batidor, n.


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    Cooking batidor masculine
    (helicopter) helicóptero masculine US informal
    • We have just received new hand-mixers similar to an egg beater, but these are electrical, saving your arm.
    • I've always wondered about the ‘egg beaters’ flying around.
    • Today the eggbeater went into action and the damn thing acted like it had good sense.
    • he climbed into the cockpit of the machine and prepared to give them a visual demonstration of what his flying egg-beater could do.
    • Beat the mixture with an egg beater until it forms a stiff foam that looks like whipped cream.
    • Add the egg and beat well with a wooden masher or with an electric egg beater.
    • Add four eggs and half a cup of water to the paste and beat well with an egg beater till very frothy and air bubbles appear.
    • Using an electric egg beater, beat the eggs with the sugar until very fluffy and pale.