Translation of egghead in Spanish:


cerebro, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɛɡhɛd//ˈɛɡˌhɛd/



  • 1

    cerebro masculine informal
    • In today's political climate nothing spells defeat for Democrats more than the image of a bunch of fey, ivory tower eggheads running the military.
    • The New York Post calls him an effete egghead, but that doesn't quite capture it.
    • If I write about that, I'll sound like an egghead.
    • You don't have to be an egghead to read philosophy, you can even read it on the conveyer belt at your local gym, thus combining your physical and intellectual work-outs and saving valuable time.
    • As researchers show how the two diseases are very much alike, I'm waiting with bated breath to see what kind of biological differences, if any, these eggheads might find.
    • I was the egghead from academia who got in because the rules had changed.
    • His new, meticulously researched history scopes out the role eggheads have played at the White House since 1960.
    • If you think copyright issues don't concern you and that a five-day intensive course focusing on the protection and enforcement of patents and trademarks is strictly the domain of eggheads, well, you might actually be right.
    • So, is the target demographic 60-something Asian eggheads?
    • While successive opinion polls confirm that Britain remains against the euro, the eggheads in the government maintain that support for the pound is soft.
    • Said eggheads have discovered that walking and talking on your mobile at the same time could eventually put you in a wheelchair because, terrifyingly, the human body did not evolve to walk and talk at the same time.
    • The eggheads in intelligence dropped the ball, but the warrior types are ready to make up for it.
    • Super-smart eggheads are busily working to perfect cars that run on batteries, and ways to lock carbon dioxide away underground.
    • I used to think Mensa was a club full of nerdy eggheads who could tell you all about quantum theory and Bill James' baseball statistics, but couldn't tell you where they left their car keys.
    • Even erudite eggheads can't be expected to know everything!
    • Once academic exercises for eggheads, college business-plan contests now offer competitors the chance to win sizeable chunks of cash and launch a business.
    • Groton Labs isn't some academic hothouse where a few eggheads are allowed to toil fruitlessly forever.
    • The conference will be chock full with academic jargon and sagely nodding eggheads, but it is all free.
    • You'll recall, a few years back, how a pair of eggheads at the University of Utah announced that they'd effected cold fusion on a table top.
    • ‘I'm a practical guy, I am not an egghead,’ Kaplan said.