Translation of ego trip in Spanish:

ego trip

Pronunciation: /ˈiɡoʊ ˌtrɪp///


  • 1informal

    her autobiography is simply an ego trip su autobiografía es un regodeo ególatra
    • charity work is nothing but a big ego trip for her hace obras benéficas solo para sentirse superior

intransitive verb

  • 1

    he's ego-tripping again ya se le ha vuelto a subir el ego a la cabeza


  • 1

    (pop star/speech) ególatra
    • But she is candid enough to admit that when she first set out, it was to be just an ego trip - to prove to the world that Asian children can sing as well as, if not better, than their European counterparts.
    • Critics (and even former supporters) say this is just the latest evidence that he is on an extended ego trip.
    • ‘I've heard that it won't last, that I'm on an ego trip, even that we might decamp back to England, but it's all nonsense, we're all having too much fun,’ Mileson offers reassuringly.
    • Napoleon took his forces on what was, in every sense, an ego trip.
    • Billions were spent on the ego trip to the moon and the Space Shuttle.
    • He is a very selfish person and he's on an ego trip.
    • I usually shy away from festivals of this nature if they are local, partly because sometimes adjudicators come over as if it is an ego trip for them, rather than a means of encouraging the highest standards.
    • They told her that she was ‘on the biggest ego trip ever’.
    • I still don't know whether it was more of an ego trip or just refusing to settle for what I saw as less.
    • And since I don't have anyone on an ego trip working for me, I've never run into this problem.
    • Blogging is already an ego trip for most participants.
    • Some players can get sucked into an ego trip and try to milk the media.
    • I suppose it was a bit of an ego trip in some ways but I didn't look at it like that.
    • Anyone with a fanciful idea of how big a star they are might want their own website, but it's often more of an ego trip.
    • Some find such festivals an opportunity for judges to go on an ego trip, and to be frank, some judges sometimes come over that way.
    • The council is proposing a near ten per cent rise in council tax, yet is wasting valuable resources on what is little more than an ego trip.
    • To a cynical eye, it all seems more like an ego trip for some regional powers and international would-be players rather than a genuine attempt to reform the organisation.
    • This film is far more than just a simple ego trip and absolutely worthy of its Oscar for Best Picture.
    • Not to sound strange or anything but I can't help thinking this is a disgusting ego trip for the scientists and doctors involved.
    • The New York Times has repeatedly chastised his campaign as nothing better than an ego trip, one damaging to the Democrats.