Translation of eighteen in Spanish:


dieciocho, n.

Pronunciation /ˈeɪtiːn//ˈeɪˌtin//eɪˈtin//eɪˈtiːn/


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    dieciocho masculine
    • It was submitted that his decision in the claimant's case to extend the period of nine months to eighteen months was a matter of judgement which was within his discretion.
    • All eighteen players played their hearts out and were ecstatic when the final whistle came.
    • Had this been written eighteen months ago, there'd have been a queue of people lining up to laugh at these views, and I'd have been there at the front.
    • The rest received sentences of seventeen or eighteen years.
    • All eighteen players who met this criteria remained in organized baseball three years later.
    • Just eighteen more hours until my high school days are over forever.
    • She died on September 30, 1897 at the age of 24 after eighteen months of great physical suffering and desolation of spirit.
    • The remaining eighteen quotes ranged from £315 to £462, with seven firms unable to provide a quote.
    • They have conceded thirty five goals in eighteen games.
    • I paid with a twenty and got seventeen or eighteen dollars in change.
    • Seventeen out of eighteen provinces were in open revolt.
    • The two men travelled to the Southern French town last year with eighteen musicians aged between 16-19 years old.
    • After this the team filmed the family eighteen hours a day for three months.
    • For the first eighteen months of his term, Davis enjoyed great political fortune.
    • I run a small team that has spent the last eighteen months working on a variety of game projects.


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    (invariable adjective) dieciocho