Translation of eighty in Spanish:


ochenta, n.

Pronunciation /ˈeɪdi//ˈeɪti/


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    ochenta masculine
    see also seventy
    • I paid eighty dollars to go to a concert on my own.
    • By the eve of the Revolution, eighty to ninety percent of rural households owned spinning wheels, and almost half owned looms.
    • Per capita income is estimated to be less than eighty dollars a year.
    • Had about eighty or ninety people there, ready to laugh.
    • They were black-handled scissors, the kind that you bought for eighty dollars and could cut through bricks with.
    • The New Zealand Government has announced a new Arts, Culture And Heritage package worth eighty million dollars.
    • I think it's about eighty or ninety years old at most, but it has an extremely unusual quality.
    • When we left the precinct the detective said they would reimburse us the eighty dollars.
    • In the early '80's, the few major studio releases available on videotape usually cost about eighty dollars.
    • I read somewhere that a child, whose parents both smoke twenty a day, has inhaled the equivalent of eighty cigarettes worth of passive smoke in one year.
    • Travelling at the rate of over eighty miles per hour, all I could hear was thunderous air rushing pass my ears.
    • There is little interest in classical communitarian living, and most of the eighty to ninety staff members now live off the site in conventional nuclear family units.
    • ‘I had eighty dollars with me,’ she said practically in tears.
    • Menard lies only eighty miles north of the New Madrid Fault system that extends southward from Cairo, Illinois.
    • We kept walking, and ended up spending about eighty dollars on school stuff.
    • Apparently international crude oil prices continue to soar and are expected to hover around the eighty dollars a barrel mark.
    • If they come to you and say, ‘we'll give you a million dollars for eighty percent of the company’ - then you don't have a company any more.
    • Driving at eighty miles per hour wasn't something new for him.
    • The fish had probably taken some eighty or ninety yards of line in its first rush, then kited to my left.
    • The only reason anyone would work sixty or eighty hours a week would be to pay off a credit card or some similar emergency.


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    (invariable adjective) ochenta