Translation of either in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈaɪðər//ˈʌɪðə//ˈiːðə//ˈiðər/


  • 1

    either … or … o … o …
    • you can have either tea or coffee puedes tomar (o) té o café
    • he can't speak either Spanish or Italian no sabe hablar (ni) español ni italiano
    • she's either incredibly naive or very stupid o (bien) es increíblemente ingenua o es estúpida
    • either your work improves or you're fired! ¡o mejora tu trabajo o estás despedido!
    • And I am not going to open any of her letters either, they can go straight in the bin.
    • In fact, increasing your size won't matter either, so grab a cream bun whenever you like.
    • The players were not available for that tie either and, six years on, not much appears to have changed.
    • I don't believe that the Reserve Bank believes that there is a strong link either.
    • The harder path, if we have the will, isn't paved with yellow bricks and it isn't black and white either.
    • No knocks, creaks or rattles either, indicating that it's been well screwed together.
    • You don't need to be a genius to work out the similarities either.
    • Needless to say I won't be writing to them for permission to use these links either.


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    (one or the other)
    you can take either route puedes tomar cualquiera de las dos rutas
    • the key wasn't in either drawer la llave no estaba en ninguno de los dos cajones
    • we don't need either one no necesitamos ninguno de los dos
  • 2

    on either side of the path a ambos lados / a cada lado del camino
    • I have nothing in either box no tengo nada en ninguna de las dos cajas


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    cualquiera British
    (with negative) ninguno
    (with negative) ninguna
    (in questions) alguno
    (in questions) alguna
    either (one) would be suitable cualquiera (de los dos) serviría
    • take either of the two, but not both toma cualquiera de los dos, pero no ambos
    • I couldn't wear either of those dresses no podría ponerme ninguno de esos vestidos
    • he doesn't get on with either of his parents no se lleva bien ni con su padre ni con su madre
    • does / do either of you have children? ¿alguno de ustedes (dos) tiene hijos?


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    she can't cook and he can't either ella no sabe cocinar y él tampoco
    • he's not clever but he's not stupid either no es inteligente, pero tampoco es tonto
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    (moreover, at that)
    they found a campsite, and not such a bad one either encontraron un camping, y no tan malo, por cierto
    • and I don't have to pay a penny either y ni siquiera tengo que pagar nada