Translation of elaborate in Spanish:


complicado, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪˈlab(ə)rət//əˈlæb(ə)rət/


  • 1

    (design/hairstyle/decoration) complicado
    (hairstyle/design/decoration) intrincado
    (hairstyle/design/decoration) muy elaborado
    • Archaeologists still debate why communities would have gone to such lengths to create these elaborate structures, even if they housed local elite families.
    • Security precautions were elaborate in the extreme.
    • A very elaborate stage design will be adopted, costing US $2 million.
    • And I think that's why he takes such elaborate security precautions.
    • The buildings were all made of white stone, built carefully with elaborate details, as if every family lived in a miniature castle.
    • She looked as imperious and haughty as ever; her graying blue-silver hair swept up into an intricate coif, the elaborate detail of its design matching even her extravagant evening gown.
    • Though the book's elaborate details might make slow going for many readers, it will serve as a valuable resource for scholars and political activists.
    • Columns supporting the roof were inlaid with elaborate, seemingly aimless designs; tantalizingly intricate, almost gaudy.
    • On the night of the festival, people are expected to go to the streets to appreciate varying sorts of elaborate and brightly decorated lanterns, an often unforgettable experience.
    • In the case of this project, some of the students had made elaborate drawings with intricate details.
    • Doorways, gates, and windows are carved with elaborate designs.
    • Rather than bore you with elaborate detail, I will simply sketch out in brief outline how the system would work.
    • Narrators, for example, often provided elaborate details about the persons and locations involved in fairy stories.
    • For example, many firms operate elaborate security arrangements which look good but are actually useless.
    • Death is one of the most important events in society and is marked by most ethnic groups and religions by elaborate and lengthy funeral observances that involve the whole community.
    • There were some matters the tribunal did not refer to although they could have, and some minor errors in relation to the details of this elaborate and complicated scheme.
    • The mainstays of the children's bedrooms up and down the country were on display too: teddy bears in their hundreds, dolls in elaborate boxes and puzzles designed to stretch young minds.
    • After having done a series of simple, effective bookjackets for the bestselling crime writer, Chris was suddenly asked for an altogether more elaborate design.
    • This travel involves elaborate planning and discussions about eating.
    • The elaborate design, praised at its inception, now is being blamed for ballooning costs and several delays.
  • 2

    (arrangements/plan) minucioso
    (plan/arrangements) detallado
    in elaborate detail con todo detalle
    • Or is this an elaborate hoax designed to generate interest in a book deal?
    • He took his pipe from his mouth and gave an elaborate yawn, which seemed to take him by surprise.
    • Against lesser quarterbacks, expect more gap-shooting and elaborate designs involving the back seven.
    • Sexual selection theory has proved extremely successful in explaining male ornaments, such as elaborate vocal and visual displays.
    • Faking an elaborate yawn, I sneak a glance over my shoulder just in time to see her naked back as she leaves.
    • It is an elaborate, extravagant and bloated undertaking that not only throws in the kitchen sink but the fire extinguisher, too.
    • The big summit meetings are elaborate rituals, ostentatious shows of power that reinforce the entitlement and authority of the bodies they represent.
    • Maybe I'll find tomorrow, I live in hope, that the BBC article was just some kind of elaborate wind-up…
    • So plans were formed and we arranged the elaborate car-hopscotch required to ensure that no-one would drive home drunk.
    • Police say the device would not have exploded as there was no detonator attached and are describing the incident as an elaborate hoax designed to cause fear.
    • How do I know this isn't some elaborate scam designed to prey on the emotions of someone with a terminal loved one?
    • ‘That sounds good,’ Cici said with an elaborate yawn, and laid her head on the side of the car.
    • He didn't just make a mistake on the date; he told the story in elaborate detail.
  • 3

    (meal) de mucho trabajo
  • 4

    (joke/excuse) rebuscado

transitive verb

  • 1

    (plan/theory) elaborar
    (plan/theory) idear
    • He did not elaborate on the details of the different laws involved in the two cases.
    • A spokeswoman for the inquiry refused to elaborate on the concerns but said they would eventually be made public in a witness statement.
    • Obrador rejected the workers' demands, saying that current plans were part of a more general municipal labor policy elaborated by the city.
    • Myrdal believed the same to be true of the neoclassical trade theory elaborated by Eli Heckscher and Bertil Ohlin.
    • If she had done so, he would have had to elaborate his policy ambitions in detail.
    • The authority is refusing to elaborate on details of the claims.
    • You may elaborate on and enlarge the truth to a degree, but you are a person of high integrity and high standards of behavior.
    • We are often told that our movement lacks the persons of talent who might be capable of further elaborating Marx's theories.
    • They believe that they have elaborated a theory linking ventilation, cytokine release, and multiple organ system failure.
    • At this point, I shall briefly elaborate the theory of the global system based on the three spheres of economic, political, and culture-ideology transnational practices.
    • This strategy had been reversed when homeland policy was elaborated at that time.
    • Afterwards we were walking though the labyrinthine corridors of the company basement where the training room is located, as he elaborated his theory about the trainer's sexuality and Abdir and I cracked up.
    • The powerful farm lobby is not prepared to elaborate on its reportedly top level talks of recent days.
    • We model these properties with a basic thermodynamic framework without the use of more elaborated theory as has been done previously.
    • In this article, then, I will elaborate on these concerns and use some well-known poems.
    • A secondary theme of the book is to identify and elaborate on the issues and beliefs that concerned Tagore all his life as a poet and a writer.
    • He declined to elaborate on the details of the discussion and said he is not at liberty to discuss Cabinet meetings.
    • While the survivor in the garden is doubly constructed as Jewish and female, her story serves more than a dual purpose in elaborating Semprun's theory of memory.
    • They represent interdependent components of the class policy elaborated by the dominant strata of the ruling elite.
    • These e-mails and comments often either correct mistakes I have made, or elaborate on posts already on the site.
    • He declined to elaborate on the technical details.
    • Later, he had made an honest error in refusing to elaborate on details of his credit card transactions which led him inadvertently into controversy.
    • I would like to continue to elaborate on the concerns Dr Smith put to the Committee.
    • He wouldn't elaborate on details but hinted that the look of the series will be influenced by the hot reality genre.
    • Depending on how this feature of a moral theory is elaborated, there will be more than one answer to the question of the effects of moral requirements on the motives of connection.
    • Liu declined to elaborate on details of the bid.
    • Tune in at 4 am tomorrow, when I may feverishly elaborate on the details.
    • Rather, recognizing relevant facts and elaborating theories to explain them are two aspects of a single process: making our total view as coherent as we can.
    • While the failure of the book to engage in elaborating the theory of Bonapartism is a weakness, the avoidance of any serious debate concerning the writer's position in regard to Stalinism is regrettable.
    • He elaborates an original theory of identity to address issues surrounding the Trinity, one that has wider applicability in metaphysics.
    • Sitting in front of their seaside cottage, he elaborates his theory.
    • They were genuinely intrigued by the story and felt little need to elaborate on what already seemed so outlandish.
    • He did not elaborate on concerns regarding the immigration office.
    • It is likely that in listening to conversations or lecture materials you simultaneously translate into pictures which enhance and elaborate on the meaning.
    • Well, we really can't elaborate on the specific details.
    • Esclangon elaborated a theory for these functions, studied their differentiation and integration, and examined the differential equations which allow them as coefficients.
    • Not surprisingly, he elaborates a theory of the relationship between music and money.
    • This part ‘represents one of the few attempts, ancient or modern, to elaborate a theory of pragmatics and discourse grammar.’
    • But discussing its permutations also aids in elaborating the theory I am commending.
    • As a ratepayer I am most concerned by this statement and would ask Mr Bloxham to elaborate on what he means by ‘support’ and what extent of support is required.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    dar (más) detalles
    entrar en detalles
    entrar en explicaciones
    to elaborate on / upon sth explicar algo en mayor detalle