Translation of elastic band in Spanish:

elastic band

goma (elástica), n.



  • 1

    goma (elástica) feminine
    gomita feminine River Plate
    liga feminine Mexico
    caucho masculine Colombia
    elástico masculine Chile
    banda elástica feminine Venezuela
    • Here were the lower halves of trouser-legs with elastic bands to hold them in position between knee and ankle.
    • Subsisting on a diet of bathroom water I could tolerate, but a diet of manilla envelopes and elastic bands I could not.
    • I do need to find a stout elastic band, however, to hold the book closed in my bag.
    • Tolerance, however, rather like an elastic band, can only be stretched so far before it breaks.
    • In 1845, Britain's Stephen Perry invented the elastic band.
    • She waltzed in on my day off like she owned the place, stole my desk by the window and binned my priceless collection of elastic bands.
    • Each family had to make a model cotton-reel tank, powered by an elastic band, and were allowed three attempts to fire the tank as close to a target as possible.
    • I fixed it with rubber elastic bands to reduce vibrations and noise.
    • I WAS stood on the edge of this cable car with a huge elastic band round my ankles.
    • Eric McMellon was trimming a tree when he stumbled on more than 100 letters tied up in an elastic band on Sunday afternoon.
    • He said his suspicions deepened when he noticed the elastic bands round the ballot papers had been removed.
    • I rolled it up, secured it with an elastic band, and propped it safely in the corner behind the door against his return.
    • When I was delivering leaflets in Liden, I found literally hundreds of elastic bands in the area, and friends have all had the same experience.
    • On some farms an elastic band is put round the bird's neck to stop it throwing up the food.
    • We have just developed a new cutting technique where you tie the hair up in elastic bands and then cut it and get this amazing shaggy effect.
    • Among the tasks they took part in was the challenge to construct a giant pyramid out of wooden dowel and elastic bands.
    • Alternatively, cover the pots with a polythene bag held in place with an elastic band and put out of the sun in a sheltered part of the garden.
    • In a normal joint, the ligaments are like tight elastic bands holding the bones apart, while the bones themselves have a protective coating of cartilage.
    • The kids played football with bags rolled up in elastic bands, in bare feet.
    • He was like an elastic band and he had a phenomenal engine, which was perfect for the game we played.