Translation of elasticity in Spanish:


elasticidad, n.

Pronunciation /ɛlaˈstɪsɪti//iːlaˈstɪsɪti//iˌlæˈstɪsədi//ɪlaˈstɪsɪti/


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    (of fiber, substance)
    elasticidad feminine
    • It retains its elasticity even though frozen and it insulates the ice cream.
    • It promises to firm and plump, thus improving elasticity.
    • Greater elasticity corresponds to faster deformation and stiffer body, while low elasticity corresponds to softer bodies.
    • Ultra-violet rays and the free radicals age the skin more quickly reducing its elasticity and creating wrinkles.
    • The clay is exhibiting its elasticity on the shovel; the recent spell of rain altering its pliability.
    • Dry skin can look leathery, dry and flaky, and will lose the elasticity it needs to stay firm and young-looking.
    • The fibers are twisted into ropes and sprayed with natural latex, which increases their elasticity.
    • There may be failing sight, deafness for high tones, graying hair, and loss of elasticity of the skin.
    • A very small fraction of this is due to imperfect elasticity of the solid Earth.
    • For a full season of mountain fun, you need more than rock-hard legs: The key is elasticity.
    • Circular knitting depended on natural elasticity of its ribbing to substitute for fashioning.
    • Well, Angela, the ideal liposuction patient is healthy with a consistent body weight and good skin elasticity.
    • The most striking feature of the basilar membrane is its elasticity.
    • The lining helps give blood vessels the elasticity they need to regulate blood pressure.
    • Lung elasticity declines slightly with aging but smoking accelerates this greatly.
    • Arterial damage affects the elasticity of arteries, which become stiff and rigid.
    • With the braided lines there are too many breakages when the fish takes due to the lack of elasticity.
    • "We're trying to alter both the strength and elasticity of the natural silks," Lewis said.
    • In the case of thermal fluctuations this second type of correlation depends on the elasticity of the membrane.
    • Exhaling is passive; muscles relax and elasticity of the lungs cause them to expel air.
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    (of rule, definition)
    flexibilidad feminine
    elasticidad feminine
    • The case demonstrates the elasticity of kinship considered as the basis of a social group.
    • It remains a permanent monument to the academic aspect of elasticity.
    • Within the rodents, which generally have short generation times, generation time is positively correlated with adult survival elasticity.
    • He recognized the elasticity of the term "Latin," which could apply to any civilization that had been part of the ancient Roman world.
    • Infinitely more liberal than comparable slang of that era, this application of the folk saying allowed unusual elasticity of interpretation.
    • These results are directly comparable to the familiar sensitivity and elasticity of population growth rate.
    • This solution has the merit of elasticity.
    • Homeric epic provides the most powerful example of the Greek interest in the instability and elasticity of time.
    • They even have enough elasticity power to allow you to disagree with them.
    • The instant possesses an immemorial elasticity that defies quantitative diagnosis.
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    (of demand, supply)
    elasticidad feminine