Translation of election in Spanish:


elecciones, n.

Pronunciation /ɪˈlɛkʃ(ə)n//əˈlɛkʃ(ə)n/



  • 1

    elecciones feminine
    (campaign/speech) (before noun) electoral
    (day/results) de las elecciones
    the presidential/gubernatorial election(s) las elecciones presidenciales/para gobernador
    • the election for general secretary las elecciones para el cargo de secretario general
    • to call/hold an election convocar/celebrar elecciones
    • When the party won a landslide election in 1984, the country was ready for reform.
    • Two thirds of the electorate in Hackney did not vote in the council elections this year.
    • We are prepared to have one person, one vote elections and to give up our absolute power.
    • A solution has to be found to increase the numbers of people voting at elections at all levels.
    • They have taken out a group of people who are no longer in a position to disrupt the elections.
    • The police chief is trying to keep his nose clean for the upcoming elections.
    • With a federal election looming, a new organisation says they are tackling the heart of youth voter apathy.
    • In the recent mayoral election in London, there was a small turnout of voters.
    • They will be needed if anti-fascists are to dent the Nazi vote in the June elections.
    • After staging a vigorous media campaign, the opposition coalition wins the parliamentary elections.
    • He won last year's election campaigning on values: border protection, national security, and social order.
    • Ballot boxes will be left to gather dust in the June elections, as every vote will be cast by post.
    • This year's presidential election looks to be even tighter; that should give rural voters the deciding voice in who wins.
    • The far left has failed to fully build on its vote in the presidential elections.
    • What you vote for in elections is not more freedom and more democracy but more politicians.
    • The party has been unable to make substantial gains in rural seats in western Canada in recent elections.
    • One measure of the outcome is the declining number of people who vote in elections.
    • Its task was to frighten people at elections so that they voted for the Fascists.
    • Later on, there is an emphatic call for people to vote in the scheduled elections.
    • The hope is that people will then feel secure enough to vote in the forthcoming elections.
  • 2

    elección feminine
    the annual election of representatives la elección anual de representantes
    • In fact, more to the point, why stand for election to something you only want to destroy?
    • That same year he gained election to a fellowship at St John's College, Cambridge.
    • Congratulations to Peterhead and Elgin City on their election to the Scottish League.
    • Among the honours which Mansion received was election to the Royal Academy of Belgium.
    • Two are now seeking election to the board in what can only be a reflection of continuing unrest.
    • This and his election to a praetorship for 62 established him as a man of power and importance.
    • The fact that he was an unprincipled liar whose election was bought with Mafia help counted for nothing.
    • Among his many foreign honours was election to the Académie des Sciences of Paris.
    • All clergy who hoped for election to a benefice in the new constitutional Church had to take it.
    • He said he was excited about the prospect of standing for election to the House of Commons.
    • We mention now just a few of the topics he studied after his election to the Academy.
    • His memoir won the prize which in turn was the main reason for his election to the Academy.
    • Eligibility to stand for election to the Council is determined by the Council of Guardians.
    • His housemate was Campaigns Officer when I first stood for election to the council.
    • She is the first member of a party other than the Labour Party to win election to the postal executive.
    • County councillors are members of the public who stand for election to serve the people of Essex.
    • Much has been made of Martin's election to a post which is not normally decided along partly lines.
    • From this platform he launched his campaign for election to the Lower House in 1958.
    • He continued as a paid consultant to the company long after his election to the Dail in 1997.