Translation of electroconvulsive in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ɪˌlɛktrəʊkənˈvʌlsɪv//əˌlɛktroʊkənˈvəlsɪv/


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    electroconvulsive therapy electroshock masculine
    • After a course of electroconvulsive therapy patients need to take an antidepressant medication to prevent the depression from relapsing.
    • Last, for severe or treatment refractory depression, electroconvulsive therapy is often curative.
    • She was still no better, so I suggested she consider electroconvulsive therapy.
    • If antidepressants don't work, you may respond to electroconvulsive therapy, which uses electricity to induce brain seizures that relieve depression.
    • Other forms of treatment were electroconvulsive therapy, discussion of the evils of homosexuality, desensitisation of an assumed phobia of the opposite sex, hypnosis, psychodrama, and abreaction.
    • Then electroconvulsive therapy, developed in the 1930s for treatment of depression, showed that the brain could be stimulated by applying electric current through the skull.
    • Its first medical use was to prevent fractures in electroconvulsive therapy.
    • Many of these patients can be helped with electroconvulsive therapy.
    • Treatment with electroconvulsive therapy was more effective than drug treatment in the short term, bilateral stimulation was more effective than unilateral, and high dose more effective than low dose.
    • But for others, the answer may be electroconvulsive therapy, or ECT.