Translation of electron microscope in Spanish:

electron microscope

microscopio electrónico, n.


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    microscopio electrónico masculine
    • Fortunately, the electron microscope can magnify even these tiny microbes enough to distinguish their physical features.
    • These were the early days of the electron microscope and physicists were keen to exploit the very short de Broglie wavelength of electrons to study objects that were too small to be studied with visible light.
    • Sure enough, when they rinsed and dried the crystals, an electron microscope revealed that the particles had fallen neatly into most of the holes.
    • With the inventions of the electron microscope and the field ion microscope, scientists have been able to observe the microcosm as never before.
    • Designed much like a compound microscope, the electron microscope uses a beam of electrons focused through magnetic lenses.