Translation of electronic in Spanish:


electrónico, adj.

Pronunciation /ɛlɛkˈtrɒnɪk//əˌlɛkˈtrɑnɪk//ɪlɛkˈtrɒnɪk/


  • 1

    (circuit/equipment/music) electrónico
    electronic counter measures sistema de contramedidas electrónicas masculine
    • electronic data processing procesamiento electrónico de datos
    • electronic fund transfer transferencia electrónica de fondos
    • electronic media medios de comunicación electrónicos
    • electronic money dinero electrónico
    • electronic office oficina computerizada / electrónica
    • electronic surveillance vigilancia por medios electrónicos
    • He projected those images on a large screen in the classroom while playing electronic / techno music.
    • Testing of the electronic engine control is also on schedule following the delivery of the first units.
    • Anyone looking for a daring, boundary-pushing exercise in electronic dance music would be advised to steer clear.
    • Then the heavy electronic techno beat started, and dancers vacillated their bodies without restriction.
    • An extremely important electronic advance for popular music scholars is the widespread availability through the Internet of digitized recorded music.
    • For the naysayers that claim you can't play electronic dance music without samplers or drum machines, this performance would've been a eye-opener.
    • A typical electronic control unit operates at 8.5 volts; that power is provided by a voltage regulator built into the unit.
    • Here they were making electronic brake controls, in different configurations and different voltages.
    • Hopefully the new album will be seen in a slightly broader sense and not just confined to electronic music
    • The marriage of hip-hop with electronic dance music is well established, but most of this group's collaborations sound like shotgun marriages.
    • The ‘Smart Home’ with all kinds of appliances from kitchenware to burglar alarms controlled by a single electronic device has been the dream of householders for decades.
    • He's fooled around with most every idiom of electronic dance music (some of which he shudders in shame to mention).
    • São Paolo today feels like it is on the verge of another cultural revolution, led by hip hop and electronic dance music.
    • But what of the inverse - the electronic acts giving rock music a whirl?
    • With each bike controlled by an electronic lock, anyone interested in renting the bike can call a telephone line to open the key, and call to tell the location of the bike after they finish using it.
    • All of the light fixtures and electronic devices currently plugged in exploded from the jolt of electric energy that had rocketed from the sky.
    • The music is something electronic but suits the ballet very well.
    • Modern airliners are packed with electronic devices that control the plane and handle navigation and communications.
    • If it's the latter, electronic dance music makes you want to put on sunglasses at midnight and drive your stubbled, tragic self into the night.
    • We both liked the idea of putting that certain underground, electronic dance music into a more pop kind of context.
    • With advances in standard off-the-shelf alkaline batteries, most electronic sensors can operate for longer periods without running down.
    • Every subgenre of contemporary electronic dance music has superstar DJs and tracks that are ripe for the fruit basket of mass consumption.
    • Inorganic chemistry is used to construct electronic components such as transistors, diodes, computer chips, and various metal compounds.
    • For centuries a warder locked up prisoners with a key - this is no longer the case, with both cell-blocks having electronic locks operated by fingerprint and unable to be opened by key.
    • This slacker attitude might also keep them on the edge of electronic pop music.
    • Currently, most electronic devices are based on silicon.
    • I'm from a cynical generation raised on electronic dance music, but felt I finally understood what the fuss with rhythm and blues was all about.
    • Dynamic stability control, ABS, traction control and electronic brake force distribution are standard fare.
    • Verify proper operation of various sensors and other electronic control devices
    • Tantalum is mainly used in the electronics industry in the manufacture of capacitors, used in electronic gadgets like cell phones.
    • Having had no interest in analysing the economic scenario at the macro or the micro level, Biju is interested in examining the minute components of electronic gadgets.
    • Without such a surface finish, the electronic components like transistors, resistors, capacitors and chips could not be fixed and electrically connected to the circuit.
    • A lot of electronic musicians release their music using pseudonyms, but you use your own name.
    • That nearly all music is electronic is a banal truism.
    • In any case, some of the claims made by those who believe they are being controlled by these electronic weapons do not seem plausible.
    • The silicon transistors of modern electronic devices make connections to potentials the values of which represent zero and one throughout a system.
    • The effect is sometimes almost orchestral and sometimes like electronic jazz, with enhanced frogs and insects riffing on chord changes and rhythmic patterns.
    • The system is designed for all boats with electronic engine controls.
    • 1987 was an early but fertile time for electronic dance music.
    • They'll also examine how humidity affects the surface of silicon, which is used to make microchips and other electronic devices.