Translation of elevation in Spanish:


ascenso, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɛlɪˈveɪʃ(ə)n//ˌɛləˈveɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    ascenso masculine
    his elevation to the peerage surprised many people el hecho de que le concedieran el título de lord sorprendió a mucha gente
    • After adjusting for the current blood pressure, earlier antecedent blood pressure elevation further increased stroke risk.
    • We found that, as predicted, testosterone elevation increased dominance rank in captive males.
    • The relationship between elevation of plasma homocysteine levels and risk of developing CAD is not well studied.
    • Statins were found to be safe, with minimal or no significant increase in liver function test abnormalities or elevation of creatine kinase levels.
    • Earlier studies have shown that elevation of membrane cholesterol increases the stiffness of membrane lipid bilayers in artificial membrane vesicles.
    • In another recent study, significant elevation of BNP levels was associated with increased rates of mortality due to all causes, cardiac causes, and pump failure.
    • The elevation in systolic pressure increases left ventricular work and the risk of left ventricular hypertrophy, whereas the decrease in diastolic blood pressure may compromise coronary blood flow.
    • The outcome is an elevation in serum cholesterol levels and increased propensity toward the development of atherosclerosis.
    • Most often, the transaminase elevation either stabilizes or improves, while the drug is continued.
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    elevación feminine
    the angle of elevation el ángulo de elevación
    • The angle of elevation of the light source is always about 45°.
    • Forensic experts then moved in, conducting a search of the property's frontage before a scaffolding screen was erected to mask the full front and back elevations of the house.
    • Whilst the finish to the front and side elevations are an acceptable standard, problems similar to those experienced at Cable & Wireless are evident.
    • The building is a simple metal box, its south-facing elevation constructed from a wall of sliding timber and glass doors that provide access to a veranda.
    • They present also a peak of 4 millimeters centered at the azimuth - 20 [degrees] and 40 [degrees] elevation angle.
    • Rather, it determines the angle and elevation from which the camera focuses on him, while the WASD key combination controls his movements.
    • Snow coverage lasts from the beginning of November until the end of June and noon-time solar elevation angles vary between 20 and 66 deg.
    • This is the effective wireless foot print at a 5 to 90 degree angle of elevation.
    • The roof will be slated and the front elevations will mostly be of natural stone, and each house has a large back garden.
    • The front and rear elevations consisted of factory-made units of timber construction containing windows and doors, etc - cladded with a plastic coated shiplap - after the units were slipped into the concrete openings.
    • So I went to get it at the bar, and as I passed him (he was sitting there, you see) and I thought I could look at him at the side elevation, which I did.
    • However, a condition of the planning was that Dunnes Stores would provide a footpath along the riverside elevation of the building.
    • For now, he is concerned by Edinburgh council's plans to build a glass cage over the Waverley Steps entrance to the railway station, which he says will intrude on the side elevation of the Balmoral.
    • Figure 1 shows elevation angles for latitude 82 degrees north.
    • Another alternative is to work at an angle of elevation of about 32°, which is quite insensitive to distribution of leaf inclination.
    • They were driving north when they witnessed a peculiar object directly ahead of them at an angle of elevation of 75 degrees.
    • The relative magnitudes of horizontal and vertical components vary with the angle of elevation.
    • They found that during passive elevation the humeral head translated slightly anteriorly at low angles of elevation and slightly posteriorly at higher angles of elevation.
    • He also left his mark on the architecture of the building, when he remodelled the south elevation.
    • Architects were now increasingly employed by landowners to design layouts for new quarters of towns and make elevations for the fronts of whole blocks, thus bringing rhythm and movement to suburban street architecture.
    • The late Gothic builders of the Sainte-Chapelle removed the supporting function of the wall to its maximum, leaving most of the elevation to be filled with stained glass windows.
    • These patterns depend on the direction (azimuth and elevation angle) of the observations carried out during the calibration.
    • Horizontal-surface irradiance depends on earth-sun distance, solar elevation angle and atmospheric transmissivity.
    • Pibal input includes the angles of elevation and azimuth of the balloon at whole-minute time intervals for three different weights of balloons.
    • The building's elevations and windows all insinuate the complexity of watching and being watching - an endless hypervisuality.
    • The structure is reinforced concrete, with bare floors and ceilings, its roof and front elevations dressed in corrugated stainless-steel panels and dark-gray-tinted windows framed in aluminum.
    • Externally the houses have brick and cream rendered front elevations, while internally the standard features include timber-finish windows, fitted kitchens, en suites and gas-fired central heating.
    • Support larger mirrors at multiple points around their rims and on their backs to minimize gravitational distortions at all elevation angles of the line of sight.
    • The updated plans also alter the eastern side elevations and the roof design.
    • This was less of a challenge at the rear where the windows on the south elevation flood the main living and sleeping spaces.
    • This allows for reliable performance as elevation angle relative to the ground changes.
    • The amended bylaw allows for a 12-square foot, illuminated, canopy sign on the east elevation of the building.
    • The launchers are installed at a fixed angle of elevation, in a crossed configuration, one facing port and one starboard.
    • The building would be a one and a half storey rectangular block, with some local stone finish and extensive fenestration in the front and gable elevations.
    • This file specifies the azimuth and elevation angles (in degrees) for each speaker relative to the listener.
    • The houses have brick and cream rendered front elevations, Rationel front doors, windows and French doors, part glazed reception doors, fitted kitchens and bathrooms.
    • Gun direction and elevation for several targets could be prepared ahead of time and carried out regardless of darkness, smoke, or foul weather.
    • The program contains a floor and roof framing system and allows users to add automatic or completely custom roofs and generate instant cross sections, elevations and wall details.
    • The angle of elevation was at least 60 or 70 degrees.
    • All of the rooms offered an angle of downward elevation to the target.
  • 3

    • 3.1(altitude)

      altura feminine
      altitud feminine
      at an elevation of 400m above sea level a 400m de altura / de altitud sobre el nivel del mar
      • For sampling, watersheds were divided into sample sites based upon elevation, slope position and aspect, and plots were randomly located within each sample site.
      • Line of sight and terrain elevation is very important!
      • Its exact elevation and position is yet to be confirmed after further survey.
      • Atlanta lies at the same elevation as our position; 14 days will probably go by before we can take possession of same.
      • Red maple and chestnut oak dominance increased with elevation on the south-facing slope and both species reached substantial density and dominance on the northern ridge top.
      • And indeed he was, moving with renewed energy, skirting the occasional patches of snow and ice which had begun to appear as their elevation increased.
      • These observations suggest that spatial variability in food web dynamics at the scale of tens of meters to several kilometers, should increase both with elevation and latitude.
      • The probability of encountering ginseng increased with elevation.
      • The elevation increases to the west, giving rise to more rainfall and woodlands with good potential for agriculture.
      • He wanted to know his elevation above sea level, and he planned soon to measure the true altitude of the Rocky Mountains.
      • The river was also notoriously sluggish, largely because the entire twenty-mile river drops less than twenty feet in elevation from Dover to sea level at the Delaware Bay.
      • The topography of the area, its elevation and the fact that it is situated further north, are the main reasons why the Gobi is so cold in the winter.
      • Sites with good soil, elevation and position to the sun are more expensive.
      • Again, like my first answer, the higher elevation provides superior positioning when on defense.
      • The system then calculates the ball's velocity and elevation from its relative positions in each frame, and uses a pattern matching algorithm to work out its spin from the change in visible marker panels.
      • The difference in elevation provides climatic diversity.
      • Most strike to the northeast and vary in elevation from 1,000 to 1,500 meters above sea level.
      • For example, water boils at lower temperatures as pressure decreases with increasing elevation.
      • After locations are marked, rigid steel frames are erected and bolted into the mud mats to hold the templates at the proper position and elevation.
      • Despite the dependence of the cloud radiative effect on cloud type, the use of additional information such as cloud type or cloud elevation did not improve these results.

    • 3.2formal (high place, hill)

      elevación (del terreno) feminine
      • It has made a pact with winter, evolving to hunt on ridges at high elevations, chasing prey across snowbanks where other predators fear to tread.
      • The purpose of cable television was to be able to bring existing broadcast signals to rural areas with community antennas placed at high elevations, usually on mountains or on top of tall poles.
      • Alpine, or plateau, permafrost is found at high elevations in mountain regions throughout the world.
      • Because the Tarai is recharged by water seepage from higher elevations it has a high water table and thus a high moisture and nutrient content, contributing to the high productivity of the site.
      • Although it will nest at high elevations, the Mountain Bluebird is at home in a prairie coulee as it is in a high alpine meadow.
      • In migration Pied-billed Grebes can be found at higher elevations, even in mountain lakes.
      • The Pre-Cambrian granite bedrock is exposed at higher elevations as outcrops or low cliffs.
      • The highest elevations of the ridge, where longleaf and slash pines dominate open forests, are known as sandhills.
      • Dune elevations were determined with a Trimble 4000 SE GPS receiver utilizing previously established benchmarks.
      • Plants growing at high elevations in tropical mountains show a scleromorphic habit at the leaf and plant level, despite the fact that alpine landscapes are generally considered to be cool and humid environments.
      • They are found growing there at very high elevations in the mountains, which means that they are often covered with a thick layer of snow during the winter period.
      • The warriors suffered no discernible casualties and managed to take up positions on a small elevation only a few hundred yards to the south of E Company.
      • Likewise, mark any structures or elevations that will rise within 2000 feet of your plane's altitude and are located within three miles on either side of your proposed route.
      • The terrain is bumpy, crisscrossed by steep elevations and ridges not running parallel to the river and bisected by numerous ravines.
      • Still, the South Pole is probably not the best place to conduct these operations from a purely scientific perspective, because higher elevations on the Antarctic Plateau offer even thinner and colder air.
      • Previous data have shown that, in the ice age, glacial ice built to quite high elevations in the mountains just inland from the Ross Ice Shelf.
      • For thousands of years, indigenous Bolivians have chewed coca leaves, which contain small amounts of cocaine, to ward off the altitude sickness that can accompany living at high mountain elevations.
      • Adastus breeds at higher latitudes and elevations where willows (Salix spp.) are the dominant, and frequently the only, nesting shrub.
      • Not surprisingly, the relationships were the opposite with elevation, as higher dune elevations result in greater distances between the soil surface and the water table.
      • They are found in lakes, swamps, rivers, and may be found in mountain streams at higher elevations.

  • 4

    (scale drawing)
    alzado masculine
    the front elevation of the house la fachada de la casa
    • Such plans should include meticulous scale renderings known as elevations.
    • The goal is to explore digital presentation as a creator of meaning that goes beyond the traditional use of plan, elevation, or perspective.
    • Blach says the firm began generating 2D plans, elevations, and section drawings very early in the design process.
    • He illustrated them first as a ‘net’ of flat planes, then constructed in plan and elevation.
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    (of thought, style)
    lo elevado
    • Their elevation to management level coincided with the development of Irish Permanent's branch network.
    • Despite the hue and cry raised in the mid-1990s and the subsequent elevation to powerful positions of some of the keenest critics, the number of suspensions is rising rapidly.
    • Madam Speaker-Elect, may I, on behalf of the National Party, also offer warm congratulations to you on your elevation to this important role.
    • So when it comes time to talk about salary increases or promotion or elevation to the next career level, people have the right kind of sponsorship network.
    • Harrington continues to improve and his elevation to seventh in the World Rankings would seem to indicate that a ‘major’ is not too far away.
    • How he felt about his sudden elevation is apparent from his recollection of his first day at the team hotel.
    • Usually very painful; pain is often relieved by dependent leg position and aggravated by elevation.
    • They are funny, warm, literate and proud - if somewhat bewildered by their sudden elevation, in little more than a generation, from a backward agrarian society to the cutting edge of the new Europe.
    • He has already been enjoying the No. 2 position in the Union Cabinet and his elevation as Deputy Prime Minister has been merely formalised.
    • On Darius Vassell, who missed two golden first half opportunities, he said he hoped his sudden elevation to the England ranks had not affected his game.
    • The pair owe their early elevation to the fact that they are playing first-team football while older rivals are not.
    • The problem is to assess how much of his vision he owed to his elevation, to his position in history and to the work of his predecessors and contemporaries, and how much to the keenness of his own sight.
    • The bitten limb should be nursed in the most comfortable position, but excessive elevation should be avoided.
    • Yesterday's elevation of new cardinals by Pope John Paul II increases the number of men who will vote on his eventual successor.
    • Knowing what we know now, it's quite amusing to see the reaction of Bertie's daughters to his sudden elevation to the top of the monarchial ladder.
    • Marshall just edges out Richie McCaw who needs a few more years' experience before elevation to captaincy.
    • But his elevation to this position of influence has come about because of the changes in society worldwide.
    • However, since I had no part in organising the petition I am totally mystified by my sudden elevation to the position of spokesman for the petitioners.
    • His sudden elevation has proved enormously controversial.
    • The mere outbreak of war sets black soldiers to looting and marauding, and war's end, and their elevation to positions of power, drives the simple souls batty.
  • 6

    elevación feminine
    the elevation of the Host la elevación del Santísimo Sacramento
    • And it is only on Christmas Day, when she withdraws from the Chapel Royal at the moment of the elevation of the Mass, that she makes her religious preferences plain.
    • Joos van Ghent, however, does not depict the moment of elevation found in images of the Corpus Domini mass because elevation in the case of the Communion of the Apostles was not necessary.
    • Did the Queen remain present throughout the Mass or did she withdraw to her traverse - or private closet in St. Edward's chapel - at the crucial point of the consecration and elevation of the Host?