Translation of elixir in Spanish:


elixir, n.

Pronunciation /əˈlɪksər//ɪˈlɪksɪə//ɪˈlɪksə/


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    elixir masculine
    • To cure my impotence, Dr. Wickes experimented with a lot of elixirs and potions distilled from the manhood of prized Andalusian bulls.
    • Here we like to believe that our products are magic elixirs, almost like a gift the doctor is dispensing to the patient for coming to see him.
    • But no magical elixir was needed; I was completely under the spell of these people.
    • In Asia, soupy elixirs were brewed to heal any collection of ailments.
    • Shall I then shower you with wondrous remnants of scent from field and forest, and warm you ever so slowly, until you give up your magical elixir, as precious as life itself?
    • Among the alchemists's asserted aims were the transmutation of base metals into gold, as well as the preparation of an elixir of longevity and a universal cure for illness.
    • And, obviously, at this very late stage in the boom, interest rates are certainly not a magical elixir that will cure the patient of disease after years of binging on bubble excess.
    • She slept soundly, the sort of slumber that only such elixirs of Morpheus could induce in one so traumatized by the day's events.
    • She walks into the dimly lit room, staring at the bottles of potions and elixirs.
    • The shelves creak with bottles of exotic oils, potions and elixirs, and the minibar is crammed with delicate liqueurs and Belgian chocolates.
    • If you finally manage to wedge yourself through the narrow door of a shop, don't expect us to start cutting you crazy deals on health potions, magic elixirs, or anything else you might possibly require to save us all from the forces of evil.
    • Claire has had the same migraine for six months and as her defence approaches, her prescribed elixirs stop working, eventually landing her in hospital.
    • Armed with a spoon and a bottle of cough syrup, she dosed him with the medicine and elicited a round of choking and cussing from her patient who offered colorful and profane descriptions of the elixir's flavor.
    • All we have to do is drink a magic elixir of colloidal minerals and we'll be healthy.
    • In the second version, the poet is in a luxuriant garden, where he drinks an elixir which induces a vision.
    • Another method is the simple technique of healing with crystals by using elixirs or essences.
    • Now one might think that Wizards spend the majority of their time learning how to cast spells or mixing up potions and elixirs, but the actual fact is, Wizards in the great Schools spend most of their time doing humdrum scribe work.
    • And so it should be, as it is the closest you can get to the original version of the elixir as created by those Carthusian monks in 1605, and it is almost 60 percent alcohol by volume.