Translation of emancipate in Spanish:


emancipar, v.

Pronunciation /əˈmænsəˌpeɪt//ɪˈmansɪpeɪt/

transitive verb


  • 1

    to emancipate sb (from sth) emancipar a algn (de algo)
    • Historical perspective emancipated academics from the restrictions of contemporary viewpoints.
    • The unions were not emancipated from Thatcherite, neo-liberal greed, as everyone thought they would be when they voted for a Labour government in 1997.
    • Thanks to that separation, business decisions were emancipated from the pressure of moral obligations and personal commitments that guide family life.
    • Males were likely to obtain extrapair paternity while their own social mates were incubating and the males were emancipated from mate guarding and parental duties.
    • By abstinence from meat and from sexual activity, the soul could be gradually emancipated from its bodily fetters.
    • By this time writing had been truly emancipated from the state.
    • Therefore, males are emancipated from mate guarding and parental duties during the incubation period, making this period free for opportunistic extrapair activities.
    • The 1950s and 1960s were a great transition period in China's history that witnessed millions of women emancipated from family constraints.
    • The 1950s is the moment when we felt ourselves emancipated from the colonial past.
    • Long emancipated from literal serfdom, the peasants in the last 150 years of the monarchy were also freed from the control and influence of the lord, even as they struggled to secure their small holdings.
    • Knowing and understanding our limitation is very crucial and a significant part of emancipating ourselves from its control.
    • What this form of entertainment has done is to take the woman who had been emancipated from her given traditional roles by the feminists, and relocate her in the domestic arena.
    • The prospect of biogenetic intervention opened up by increasing access to the human genome effectively emancipates humankind from the constraints of a finite species, from enslavement to the ‘selfish gene’.
    • Why is it that so many of those whose political creed should be driven by a desire to emancipate those who are suffering choose to object to a course of action which would deliver millions from misery?
    • The working class will not be in a position to create a science and an art of its own until it has been fully emancipated from its present class position.
    • So the vision such nihilists offered 20 th-century man was of a destiny no more elevated than a dog or cat, emancipated from morality other than subservience to the state.
    • At the beginning of the twentieth century the Czars ruled over a population of 164 million, consisting overwhelmingly of peasants who had been emancipated from actual serfdom only a generation earlier.
    • Perhaps air travel, despite Toynbee, after all emancipates the world centre from a geographical locus, enabling it to respond to other factors - population and economic and military power.
    • They did it to liberate the people of Iraq, so that 25 million Iraqis would be emancipated from a sadistic regime, the greatest victory for human rights since the defeat of the Soviet Union.