Translation of embarrassing in Spanish:


embarazoso, adj.

Pronunciation /əmˈbɛrəsɪŋ//ɛmˈbarəsɪŋ//ɪmˈbarəsɪŋ/


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    (experience/remark/mistake) embarazoso
    (situation) embarazoso
    (situation) violento
    (attempt/performance) penoso
    (performance/attempt) lamentable
    I found the whole incident acutely embarrassing todo el asunto me hizo sentir muy violento / incómodo
    • the revelations could be highly embarrassing for him las revelaciones podrían ponerlo en una situación muy embarazosa
    • it was the most embarrassing moment of my whole life fue el momento más penoso de mi vida
    • the singing was so bad it was embarrassing cantaban tan mal, que daba vergüenza ajena
    • When younger, it occurred to me that giving him a nickname like ‘dribble boy’ would make it sound like he had an embarrassing personal problem.
    • It would be very embarrassing for them to wash my clothes.
    • It would be very embarrassing for him to admit it to me.
    • It is also embarrassing for a team of our stature to go home without a victory.
    • It would have been far too embarrassing for my father to allow the truth into the history.
    • Is the topic potentially embarrassing or uncomfortable?
    • That was extremely embarrassing for someone who does cognitive science and linguistics.
    • He sometimes wet the bed too, which was kind of embarrassing for a twelve-year old.
    • That was very embarrassing for Dr Cullen, because he knows that in actual fact we are going backwards.
    • Not only is this an embarrassing problem for you but it is also a potentially dangerous one.
    • It was becoming increasingly embarrassing for Cork at this stage and a total collapse was on the cards.
    • Excuse me now whilst I cringe at the embarrassing display of confused angst that made an appearance in my last post…
    • I'm a young, shy, gay male with a very embarrassing problem.
    • I mean, to begin with, he works in a pharmacy, which means he has to deal with other people's very embarrassing personal problems on a daily basis.
    • And were they to say no, it could all prove very embarrassing for Tony.
    • I imagine it is very embarrassing for them to be found out for being so secretive.
    • The scoreline itself tells the full story of an embarrassing and humiliating defeat for Waterford footballers in Ballinascreen.
    • Are cheap ‘value’ products packaged in order to make it embarrassing for people who aren't ‘wacky students’ to buy them?
    • It's always slightly embarrassing for anyone to talk about the meaning of life, especially if you're a philosopher.
    • And discovery in the case could still prove very embarrassing for him, as well as hurtful to his wife and children.