Translation of emergency room in Spanish:

emergency room

sala de urgencias, n.



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    sala de urgencias feminine
    sala de guardia feminine
    • Nine patients were admitted to the emergency room at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak for food poisoning.
    • She had difficulty breathing and was rushed by ambulance to the emergency room at St Jude's Hospital.
    • The emergency room at the hospital closed in July because of a lack of doctors and nurses.
    • He was taken to the emergency room in severe respiratory distress and ended up on a ventilator.
    • If you think you are having a heart attack, go to the emergency room immediately.
    • I was called to see a patient in the emergency room of the hospital.
    • He was advised to visit his physician or the emergency room and no ambulance was dispatched.
    • The emergency room of a nearby hospital was filled with bloodied bodies.
    • They won't get this type of counseling at a hospital emergency room or in a police station.
    • There is a growing number of people who consider the emergency room and clinic the same thing.
    • In the emergency room, draped surgeons paced anxiously alongside empty gurneys.
    • Eleven days later, she goes to a hospital emergency room with what is diagnosed as the flu.
    • The gravely ill man arrived in the emergency room during the middle of the night.
    • He was then rushed to the hospital emergency room where artificial respiration was administered.
    • Expected to testify as a chief prosecution witness, she died in the emergency room of a private hospital.
    • Because of this, he had always avoided working in the emergency room at the hospital.
    • A visit to the emergency room at the hospital showed no dangerous internal damage.
    • Floor medicine was jading me, far more than any experiences in the emergency room.
    • If your child has discomfort after swallowing a coin, take him to the emergency room.
    • Take your child to the emergency room if she shows signs of severe dehydration.