Translation of emphasis in Spanish:


énfasis, n.

Pronunciation: /-siːz//ˈɛmfəsəs//ˈɛmfəsɪs/


  • 1

    • 1.1(intensity of expression)

      énfasis masculine
      she repeated her words for emphasis repitió las palabras para darles mayor énfasis
      • He leaned forward in his chair again to give his words more emphasis.
      • Bob manages to make very obvious things sound like genius by stressing his words and using his arms for emphasis.

    • 1.2(accentuation)

      the emphasis is on the second syllable lleva el acento en la segunda sílaba
      • he put special emphasis on the word 'never' puso especial énfasis en / enfatizó la palabra 'nunca'
      • Her emphasis on the word me expressed how she truly thought she was superior to others.
      • I laid particular emphasis on the word ' had '… Yes, that's right.
      • The relative lack of emphasis on the ending sounds of words in Spanish may be a factor as well.
      • She put emphasis on the word him, and suddenly yesterday's events came to me and I started to cry.
      • Kylie repeated her words with special emphasis, as if talking to a very slow person.
      • He put a slight emphasis on the last word, as though unsure exactly what it implied.
      • "I think you have the emphasis on the wrong syllable, " Madi remarked.
      • Except exploring, " I said making sure to add extra emphasis on the word ' exploring '.
      • She put a false emphasis on that last word that made it sound like something else.
      • He spoke in a very strange way, all in Russian of course, with emphasis on every other word that he spoke.
      • I put emphasis on the word fun, twisting it so that it sounded chiding and sarcastic.
      • I put plenty of emphasis on the word to make sure he understood what I was trying to say.
      • His emphasis on the word protector made the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end.

  • 2

    (importance, insistence)
    to lay / place / put emphasis on sth hacer hincapié / poner énfasis en la importancia de algo
    • we lay particular emphasis on punctuality concedemos particular importancia a la puntualidad
    • the emphasis this year is on simplicity este año se pone el acento en la sencillez
    • the new policy reflects a change of emphasis la nueva política refleja un cambio en el orden de prioridades