Translation of empiricism in Spanish:


empirismo, n.

Pronunciation /ɛmˈpɪrɪsɪz(ə)m//əmˈpɪrəˌsɪzəm/


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    empirismo masculine
    • He is however thoroughly within the tradition of British empiricism in philosophy.
    • Empiricism certainly has a role to play, but it cannot be the empiricism of ivory tower academics, and it cannot be an exclusive role.
    • The central problematics of feminist empiricism can be captured in two apparent paradoxes.
    • Yet habit is the linchpin for the philosophical way of thinking that James called radical empiricism, and later pragmatism.
    • Fernow played up a widely accepted historical dichotomy between European theory and British empiricism in science.
    • There were errors of interpretation in feminists' critiques, for example, concerning the extent to which analytic philosophy incorporated empiricism.
    • In this way his practice is closest to Aristotelian critical empiricism that requires careful observation and a comprehensive theory that will make those observations meaningful.
    • Ryle's attitude to dispositions is part of the heritage of logical empiricism.
    • The temporal delimitation suggests an arbitrary empiricism reluctant to address either the agony of contemporaneity, or the pathological prehistory of modernity.
    • Emerging in the eighteenth century, political economy drew on the individualism of Hobbes and Locke, the pragmatism of Machiavelli, and the empiricism of Bacon.