Translation of empty in Spanish:


vacío, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɛm(p)ti//ˈɛm(p)ti/

adjectiveemptier, emptiest

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (box/bottle/nest) vacío
      (revolver) descargado
      you can't work on an empty stomach no se puede trabajar con el estómago vacío
      • The pain was the result of nervous exhaustion and an empty stomach, David says.
      • The waiting room was mostly empty, containing only a middle-aged couple and three teenagers.
      • If patients develop a fever or nausea they are admitted to hospital, where some beds are held empty for this purpose.
      • Another former detainee was released with no money or food and spent yesterday alone and hungry in his empty accommodation.
      • The empty seat that he picked happened to be the seat next to Ryoko.
      • Posts are being left empty for six months at a time because of the manpower shortage.
      • Black holes are almost completely empty space that is forever cut off from our own Universe.
      • Solano clipped the ball past the isolated goalkeeper to score into an empty net.
      • When they looked inside, they found the hall mostly empty.
      • Will raised his nearly empty beer bottle in a salute.
      • Clinics, built by foreign donors, have stood empty for years, lacking staff and equipment.
      • She pawed at my leg, telling me that her food bowl was empty and she was hungry.
      • The room was virtually empty except for a few chairs and a table.
      • And, of course, conferences are generally held at an offpeak time of the year when there are plenty of empty beds to fill.
      • One glass was empty, one glass was full, the third was gone.
      • Before he could answer, the waitress came over and filled their empty cups with coffee.
      • The upstairs flat has been empty for four years.
      • Stadiums that are full for regular-season games have rows of empty seats for exhibitions.
      • The building looked as though it had stood empty for years.

    • 1.2

      (street/restaurant/room) vacío
      (place/seat/table) libre
      (table/seat/place) desocupado
      the office seems empty since she left desde que se fue se nota un vacío en la oficina
      • the jails are now empty of political prisoners en las cárceles ya no quedan presos políticos

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    • 2.1

      (words/gesture) vacío
      (gesture/words) hueco
      (gesture/words) vacío de significado
      (promise/threat) vano
      (pursuits/pleasures) vano
      it was an empty boast no fue más que una fanfarronada
      • If one reason remained for her to persevere with the exhausting and empty void that her life had become, it was the child.
      • We all have sordid purposes and empty intents and material incentives.
      • They shouldn't miss their opportunity because politicians are filling the air with empty noises.
      • Don't simply opt for apparently powerful but ultimately empty, meaningless rhetoric.
      • Is the point that life is empty and pointless - a farce of creation without function or utility?
      • A principled stand in defence of the human rights of children is not an empty gesture.
      • Too much blood has been shed, too many empty promises have been made.
      • The official curbing of television violence is not an idle or empty threat.
      • The accent, though, is more often on ethical values rather than on empty practices.
      • It seems to work just fine, doesn't it, your ability to drown your emotions in empty sexual encounters.
      • He fills long days and empty nights by creating a fiddle, and frees his thoughts as he liberates the fiddle from the wood.
      • The last thing children with incarcerated parents need is more rhetoric and empty promises.
      • The threats appeared to be empty gestures to the friends who overheard him.
      • And what a relentlessly dull, completely empty experience it tends to be.
      • These apologies were empty gestures and nothing more.
      • But forgiving poor countries' debts without agreeing on a better framework for future aid flows is an empty gesture.
      • These words are so empty, however, to grieving parents who have lost a child.
      • I think that every one of us should find his own truth, some idea for which one can live or die - otherwise our lives would be empty and meaningless.
      • The dream was fading away, and all I had was this hollow, empty pain inside.
      • One side wrote her off as a valueless thing, the empty remains of a once-vital woman.
      • Without longing we are empty, emotionless shells, mere objects floating on the wishy-washy surface of life.
      • When the Republic threatens you, their words are never empty.
      • The rather empty gesture is clearly aimed at increasing public sympathy for the idea.
      • My fear is that these empty gestures will become the last remaining symbols of our shared belief in egalitarianism.
      • Offensive words, empty gestures, and the inappropriate use of symbols can get in the way of worship.
      • This declaration was not an empty threat but a sincere promise.
      • His uncle always buys him and his brother chocolate, but it feels empty.
      • This young man believes life would be empty and dull without music.
      • Normally I would think this would be a meaningless, empty statement, but hopefully it will be a bit more for you than that.

    • 2.2(devoid of emotion, interest)

      (life) vacío
      I have an empty feeling inside tengo una sensación de vacío / me siento vacío
      • she felt empty se sentía vacía

transitive verbemptied, empties, emptying

  • 1

    (warehouse/container/tank) vaciar
    he was told to empty his pockets le ordenaron que vaciara los bolsillos
    • she emptied the saucepan over his head le vació la cacerola en la cabeza
    • to empty sth of sth
    • the thieves emptied the house of its entire contents los ladrones vaciaron la casa
    • first empty your mind of all preconceptions primero olvida todas tus ideas preconcebidas
    • Although the bins are regularly emptied, there is a high demand for the facility.
    • People are reminded that these bins are for litter only and have to be emptied on a regular basis.
    • When you urinate, try leaning forward a bit in order to completely empty your bladder.
    • He emptied the basket, removed two tins of plum tomatoes, put them on the floor and repacked.
    • I think that she emptied all the cupboards during her little midnight snack, and she had an accomplice.
    • He didn't do much preparation either, and ended up packing all his dirty clothes - basically by emptying the laundry basket into his suitcase.
    • Tills were emptied of cash and the thieves took jewellery and money from customers and staff, police report.
    • Now ' freedom ' is being emptied of meaning and reduced to a slogan.
    • The bag is then emptied as often as necessary.
    • I stood up and emptied out my front pockets.
    • The litter bins are emptied regularly and litter picking is done on a regular basis.
    • By the end of the first night the bag had been emptied of its contents.
    • From time to time these containers are emptied into rivers causing devastation to ecosystems within hours.
    • The tank is emptied using an exhauster truck manned by trained personnel.
    • He then emptied the whole bottle of spirits on to the clothing and set it alight.
    • While she was doing this, she lost property, including a gold watch, and her purse was emptied of cash.
    • Hydro and Copo glowered at each other, and emptied out their pockets.
    • So, do something for me now: empty your purse or wallet onto your desk and then extract all of the important documents and cards from the pile.
  • 2

    (eat or drink contents of)
    (cup/glass) vaciar
    (plate) dejar limpio
  • 3

    (take or pour out)
    he emptied the ash from his pipe into the ashtray vació la pipa en el cenicero
    • she emptied the water down the sink tiró el agua por el fregadero
    • she emptied the contents all over the floor vació la caja (or el bolso etc.) en el suelo

intransitive verbemptied, empties, emptying

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    (room/street) vaciarse
    (bath/tank) vaciarse
    to empty of sth
    • the streets emptied of people las calles se quedaron desiertas / se vaciaron
    • When the forum was over, the tension was all but gone, and there was much socializing and shaking of hands as the room emptied.
    • Many fans eventually wandered back out to their seats, but early in the fourth quarter, the place emptied for good.
    • The streets of the centre of the city emptied as frightened residents fled home to take shelter.
    • The room had emptied rather quickly, and not even the king remained.
    • Then he says ‘okay we go’ and I notice that the staff room has emptied.
    • The final bell rings and the rooms empty out before the teachers can even look up from their books.
    • Swindon's streets had emptied as the town united for the big day.
    • We had reached her locker by now, and the hall was emptying rapidly.
    • The city emptied as the population was marched to the countryside.
    • Shops closed and the streets emptied as people took shelter in their houses, although by noon the situation appeared to have calmed.
    • As he glided towards his victim, the hall emptied.
    • By now the hall had emptied, as it was clear it was only me being weird again.
    • Some think the reading rooms will empty out in favor of the virtual library.
    • By nightfall, the road emptied, and dozens of lights from campfires dotted the tree line on both sides.
    • As the night sky grew darker, the park slowly emptied.
    • One of the reasons is that small towns are emptying fast.
    • They remain open till around 9 p.m. and board up only when the roads start emptying.
    • As the room slowly emptied, the only guests left were Ryan and Mr. Thompson.
    • The balloons were falling, but the room was emptying already.
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    to empty into sth desaguar en algo

nounPlural empties


  • 1

    envase (vacío) masculine
    casco masculine Mexico Spain
    • A couple of hundred yards away in a wooded area just beyond the local Leisure Park another major collection of empties awaits.
    • Blair tossed his empty into the waste basket then crossed the room to his bed.
    • Just at that moment, Dixie came over and collected our empties.
    • Service was quick and friendly and the collection of empties swift.
    • She drained the beer and tossed the empty into the bin with the others.
    • He pointed to a yellow plastic crate with the empties neatly stacked among full bottles.
    • I think it is clear from the evidence that he was employed as a roundsman to drive his float round his round and to deliver milk, to collect empties and to obtain payment.
    • The grass where I stood to take these pictures was littered with empties, mostly bourbon-and-cola bottles.