Translation of enact in Spanish:


promulgar, v.

Pronunciation /ɛnˈækt//ɛˈnakt//ɪˈnakt//ɪnˈækt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    Politics Law
    (law) promulgar
    (bill) aprobar
    • After Virginia legislators enacted that colony's first comprehensive slave code in 1705, internal rather than outside influences predominated.
    • The Brazilian government had recently enacted economic reforms that included a stabilized currency.
    • The statute was enacted pursuant to Congress' power to regulate interstate commerce.
    • We should remember that no other group of citizens is consulted before measures are enacted to prevent illegal activity.
    • Parliament has not expressly enacted what standard of proof shall be applied on an application for a sex offender order.
    • Hunted for its pelt, the lynx declined until protective legislation was enacted in the 1970s.
    • Several judges have thrown out democratically enacted term limits.
    • Statutory rape laws were first enacted to protect minors from older predators.
    • They serve to impose what could never be legislatively enacted.
    • Congress enacted the Marine Mammal Protection Act in 1972 to protect dolphins from the effects of purse seine tuna fishing.
    • Congress recently enacted sweeping anti-terrorism legislation which expanded law enforcement powers, and outlawed biological materials.
    • Under your watch, laws eradicating civil liberties have been enacted which put into question the rights of citizens.
    • The proposed law - expected to be enacted in July - also would compel companies to prevent workplace bad behavior.
    • And at the same time, several German states have already enacted the proposed French style bans on student attire.
    • In the United States, several states have already enacted genetic privacy laws.
    • The legislative framework: under the 1992 legislation as originally enacted.
    • Rather, Parliament was enacting legislation in which a number of classes of persons have significant interests.
    • Accordingly, she filed suit in federal court under the newly enacted Violence Against Women Act.
    • Remember, there has been no significant piece of reformist legislation enacted into law for nearly 30 years.
    • Some states have enacted statutes requiring mandatory reporting, civil and criminal penalties and emergency interventions.
    • Adequate legislation should be enacted to ensure curbing of illegal activities in the forests.
  • 2

    • 2.1(play out)

      • We needed time to enact the recommendations of the royal commission.
      • Whereas a legislator must check his impulse to enact his religious precepts into law, an executive official faces a somewhat different problem.
      • The National Security Adviser joined the President at the ranch to discuss enacting recommendations that could be implemented immediately by executive order.
      • He had urged the immediate creation of the national intelligence post and promised that if elected he would enact the commission's recommendations by executive fiat.
      • We may still, as a rule, like to believe in marriage, but the reality is that we are increasingly choosing not to enact that belief.
      • Most of the committee's recommendations were enacted.
      • Some items ask respondents about the ethical beliefs of their partners, regardless of whether the beliefs are behaviourally enacted or not.
      • Without understanding why, she allowed herself to enact the strange thought.
      • And more measures must be enacted to ensure doctors and surgeons are not severely overworked.
      • Because real people formulate and enact political ideas, it is often easy to locate the supposed evil of a given idea in its human agent.
      • He later challenged him to commit to enacting the recommendations of the report during his term as president.
      • The French Revolution was an attempt to enact his ideas.
      • We hope the proposed improvements will be enacted during the current session of the Diet.
      • If the Law Commission's recommendations are enacted they will remove some of the worst anomalies that currently bedevil the law on recovery for negligently inflicted psychiatric damage.
      • The commission's recommendations, if enacted, could prove critical to safeguarding the US.
      • It is not clear if Bremer formally enacted her recommendations or not.
      • Lumber company and government employees were more likely to enact recommendations that were convenient and cheap.

    • 2.2formal (perform)

      (play/role) representar
      • Damien Matthews enacts the role of the actor in the play and Herford himself plays the part of the lawyer.
      • The actress enacts the role of Helen, a nun, who helps two children who are ostracised by society after the death of their parents due to AIDS.
      • Once the moment has been enacted on stage, it can never come back.
      • Thus, she argues, Plath's poems enact a theatrical performance rather than a sincere expression of mourning.
      • Travelling drama groups visited different communities to enact short plays about gender violence.
      • Perhaps the dramatist was unwilling to repeat material recently enacted in the True Tragedy.
      • The baddie roles are enacted by Rob and Budd, professional stage actors from Hollywood.
      • Yet scandal in the colonies was also enacted on the global stage of British imperialism.
      • When the children performed, enacting the various plays on stage, their disability was hardly on their mind.