Translation of enamelware in Spanish:


vajilla esmaltada, n.

Pronunciation /ɪˈnæməlˌwɛr//ɪˈnam(ə)lwɛː/


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    vajilla esmaltada feminine
    vajilla enlozada feminine Southern Cone
    • He also specialised in selling nails, iron, barbed wire, enamelware, Royal Dalton china and silverware from places like New York, Liverpool and London.
    • In recent years, vintage European enamelware has been piquing interest.
    • Grisaille enamelware obtains a design in light and shade by painting over an opaque white background in one colour.
    • Cloisonne is an enamelware in which the surface decoration is formed by different colors of enamel that are separated by thin metal strips fixed along the design pattern.
    • All dyeing should be done in a stainless steel or enamelware container only; never use an aluminum pot.