Translation of enclosure in Spanish:


recinto, n.

Pronunciation /ɛnˈkloʊʒər//ɛnˈkləʊʒə//ɪnˈkloʊʒər//ɪnˈkləʊʒə/


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    • 1.1(enclosed space)

      recinto masculine
      a fenced enclosure un cercado
      • Well, I'd come to visit the zoo - and, more specifically, to check out its latest additions: lions and chimps in special new enclosures.
      • How can one be sure that the dry moat surrounding the enclosures would actually prevent the lions or the bears from jumping across?
      • The elephants are in an enclosure surrounded by an electric fence and guards will monitor them on horseback and from speed boats.
      • Now the authorities have taken up the work of putting up a contour wall around the enclosure and earth-filling work has also been taken up.
      • Some days later, half a dozen plastic covers containing some popcorn were found near one of the deer enclosures.
      • The big cat took exception to Jill and Steve Argent's red Rover when it entered the tiger enclosure.
      • The Park itself has many other attractions, such as woodland walks, deer enclosures and wild boar areas.
      • There were ponies frightened out of their enclosures, cattle racing mad throughout the fields, not to mention the land itself, which was all cut-up.
      • The two fenced enclosures have been placed by the main entrance to the building, in an area that is to be landscaped.
      • Almost immediately he began setting up his own Botanic Garden, taking over an old stone-walled enclosure, formerly the common or stable yard, next to the kitchen garden.
      • The two other lions have been moved to a small indoor enclosure at the zoo.
      • The park has been closed, with all the animals being kept inside their cages except for some monkeys who are allowed to play outside in a special enclosure.
      • The chariot had been placed in a large oval pit in the centre of a square ditched enclosure.
      • The remains of a small amphitheatre and three rectangular enclosures, possibly Roman, can be seen in fields beside the road.
      • Two at a time, men enter an enclosure, each holding a bird under his arm.
      • In the middle Iron Age, open settlement was superseded by a large enclosure surrounded by a 6m-wide ditch, with an associated field system.
      • Could zoos design enclosures to keep vulnerable animals properly?
      • One spot that has been identified for this is the half-acre area near the giraffe enclosure.
      • Philip was officially opening the new attraction, one of the UK's largest otter enclosures.
      • Hughes endured a barrage of insults as he jogged in front of the animal enclosure.
      • Disinfection powder is sprinkled outside animal enclosures to keep away insects and pests.

    • 1.2British Sport
      (for spectators)

      recinto masculine
      a members' enclosure un recinto para socios
      • the stewards' enclosure recinto oficial
      • The victorious Culloty gets a huge reception when he returns to the winners' enclosure.
      • Hopefully, we will see him in the winner's enclosure on the day.
      • The famous Ascot dress code also applies, with top hat and tails a must for men in the royal enclosure.
      • Aintree's famous enclosed winner's enclosure will welcome its last Grand National victor on Saturday.
      • His cheerful and sporting disposition guarantee a rapturous reception in the winner's enclosure.
      • With transfers into the members enclosure also available at extra cost at most race meetings, ticket holders have additional flexibility.
      • We ran towards the unsaddling enclosure 100 yards away and made it with seconds to spare.
      • Forget the road congestion, it's the traffic jams inside the racecourse enclosures which will occupy the team bringing this magnificent spectacle to York.
      • From the track to the unsaddling enclosure, every yard felt like a mile.
      • Best Mate, trained by Henrietta Knight, won his third Gold Cup last year and now has an enclosure named after him at the course.
      • He has a very good strike rate and level-stakes profit with all his rides and I'm sure there are plenty more winners' enclosures for him to visit in 2005.
      • On the other side of the track, the enclosure was teeming with people tucking into food hampers while supping from cans and plastic glasses.
      • The owner was clearly deflated as he waited for his horse to return to the saddling enclosure.
      • It was a far cry from members' enclosures at racetracks.

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    (of land)
    cercamiento masculine
  • 3

    (thing enclosed)
    • I confirm that I received this letter and the enclosures.
    • Having considered her letter and enclosures we find that the reason that she has given for her non-attendance is quite unsatisfactory.
    • Included in the same exhibit, apparently as enclosures to the letter of 6 July, are a copy of the Master's order and of the court receipt for payment of the security.
    • We would be most grateful if as a matter of urgency you would confirm receipt of this letter and its enclosure.
    • This notification will acknowledge receipt of your latest communication and its enclosures.
    • I trust that the contents of this letter and its enclosures answer your queries and concerns however if you have any further questions regarding our proposed changes please do not hesitate to contact me.
    • The letter contains no reference to any other enclosures with the letter apart from the insurance questionnaire.
    • The letter's enclosures included documents in support of that charge.
    • Letters hold surprising enclosures - pressed violets, four-leaf clovers, and the occasional trinket.

    información, documentos etc anexos a una carta