Translation of encore in Spanish:


bis, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɑnkɔr//ˈɒŋkɔː/


  • 1

    bis masculine
    (as exclamation) ¡otra!
    to play an encore tocar un bis
    • to sing an encore cantar un bis
    • In short, a band that is gracious enough to perform two encores is worthy of forgiveness.
    • They did two encores, the second of which began simply with Johnson performing solo acoustic.
    • An encore of a Galician folk song was a welcome chance to appreciate the group's many talents once again.
    • We all start stamping our feet and calling for the obligatory encore.
    • After a standing ovation and two encores, we were left wanting more.
    • After the final encore, the curtains shut and people began to leave.
    • Then they produced a second-half encore which delighted their manager even more.
    • We are also pleased that an encore performance was requested by the public.
    • After the first encore, the crowd made it obviously clear they wanted more.
    • One starstruck lad stood in front of the stage, waiting patiently for a second encore.
    • The crowd of course couldn't let it go at that and we demanded an encore.
    • At 62 she rarely betrayed her age and, if my memory serves me correctly, she performed a number of encores to thank the very enthusiastic audience.
    • After receiving their prizes, the winners performed an encore.
    • The riot lasted forty-five minutes and an encore performance was put on the following night.
    • After a few minutes of shouts for more, they reappear for the inevitable encore.
    • They are playing their second encore after some serious chanting and foot stomping.
    • The two-hour set was a mix of new songs and older hits with two encores.
    • They order a jug of sangria, watching the Argentinian who, aware of his audience's renewed interest, is now performing an encore.
    • And then it's time for the encores and final farewells.
    • The audience loved it nonetheless, applauding and demanding an encore.

transitive verb

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    pedir la repetición de