Translation of encounter group in Spanish:

encounter group

grupo de encuentro, n.



  • 1

    grupo de encuentro masculine
    grupo relacional masculine
    • I'm not talking about a touchy-feely encounter group approach or a hand-holding session.
    • At the end of basic training, the 19 soldiers in his unit were made to undergo a kind of encounter group session.
    • These groups include community groups (e.g., encounter groups and marathon groups) and educational groups.
    • In the 70s, women's protest marches, encounter groups and sexual liberation all made their mark on society.
    • I was torn between running an encounter group and running Poetry Project.
    • Being in heaven is like participating in a not especially intellectually rigorous self-help encounter group.
    • To aid the healing process, he joins a divorced and separated encounter group, where others in a similar situation seek solace in each other's company.
    • Instead, increasingly it operates as a sort of soggy electronic encounter group.
    • Taylor says: ‘Women have turned the office into an encounter group.’
    • I've been on a lot of encounter groups for men, retreats, kind of thing, but they were mostly chanting and howling and recovering memories of parental neglect.