Translation of end in Spanish:


extremo, n.

Pronunciation: /ɛnd//ɛnd/


  • 1

    • 1.1(extremity)

      (of rope, stick) extremo masculine
      (of rope, stick) punta feminine
      (of nose) punta feminine
      (of street) final masculine
      at the other/far end of the garden al otro extremo/al fondo del jardín
      • from one end of the country to the other de punta a punta / de un extremo a otro del país
      • at the top end of the market en el mercado de calidad
      • the top end of the range lo mejor de la gama
      • to stand sth on (its) end parar algo
      • that experience stood my previous ideas on end esa experiencia me rompió los esquemas
      • for weeks on end durante semanas y semanas
      • we put the tables end to end juntamos las mesas por los extremos
      • it measured five feet (from) end to end medía cinco pies de un lado al otro / de punta a punta
      • I went end over end down the slope caí rodando por la pendiente
      • not to know/be able to tell one end of sth from the other no tener ni idea de algo
      • he doesn't know one end of an engine from the other no tiene ni idea de motores
      • to be at the end of one's rope / tether
      • I'm at the end of my rope ya no puedo más / ya no aguanto más
      • to get / have one's end away echarse un polvo
      • to go off at the deep end ponerse como una fiera
      • to make ends meet llegar a fin de mes
      • [as modifier] before noun the end house la casa del final / la última casa
      • I'm always end man when it comes to promotion cuando se trata de ascensos siempre soy el último mono
      • In some cases, gable end cladding can be replaced with space sheeting.
      • A door opened and slammed shut again at the far end of the hallway.
      • She did a few laps, and then at one end of the pool, stopped to take a breather and relax.
      • The cashier will also be moved to the opposite end of the service area to improve customer flow.
      • As he does, we see a door at the far end of the hallway slightly open.
      • They have put signs up at each end stating there have been eighteen deaths in two years.
      • Where once it took three hours to get from one end of the island to the other, it now takes one.
      • She grabbed one of the ropes and tied one end to a four by four that was supporting the roof.
      • They could travel from one end of the city to the other and never see the light of day.
      • The dog should be put on a leash and the owner and the dog should stand at one end of a hallway or a room.
      • He drew up a chair at one end of the table, motioning for me to do the same as he took a sip from his cup of coffee.
      • Bend one end of each ribbon and seal edge only with fabric glue to form the rod pocket.
      • The door of the house at the end of the street is open and anyone is welcome in.
      • This one sounded tired, as if the owner had just run from one end of the world to the other.
      • Take your nail and place it so that the pointed end rests against the top of the block of wood.
      • On the floor just below the north tower there was a balcony with statues on each end of it.
      • I couldn't even see the far end of the tunnel.
      • Alternatively, you can telephone the phone numbers given at the end of this piece.
      • The axle of the truck is a rod the goes from one end of the hangar to the other and sticks out on both sides.
      • It seemed to me as if the sky split open from one end to the other to rain down fire.
      • Laura sat curled up at one end of her bed, a book in hand and a notebook in the other.
      • The precast-concrete panels were attached to the steel ribs at the quarter points of the panels, with the top and bottom ends left unsupported.
      • None of them knew which end of the club to hold five years ago, and all of them can now play well.
      • Place the nail or paper clip at one end of the coil and then connect the coil to the battery.
      • At one end of the line, was a man with a large soupspoon dishing out a brown meaty stew.
      • They live in a stark, unpainted, concrete house at the end of a five-mile dirt road.

    • 1.2informal (part, side)

      parte masculine informal
      the advertising end of the business la parte de publicidad del negocio
      • are there any problems at your end? ¿hay algún problema por tu lado?
      • to keep one's end up (stay cheerful) seguir animado / con ánimos
      • At the end of the journey, I feel as if I've reached a sort of Velocipede's nirvana.
      • It probably is a cautionary tale for the rest of us who are in this end of the business.
      • When I got out of the tube at the other end of my journey, his voicemail was waiting for me.
      • Sometimes I would buy a ticket from the machine at the other end of my journey, then rip it up and put it in the bin.
      • If she isn't holding up her end of the deal than she should get a job and bring in some income.
      • He recommends that the southern end of the link should go ahead in the short-term.
      • These chocolate soldiers of the air breeze past their human cargo apparently determined to avoid eye contact at both ends of the journey.
      • Despite demonstrating I attempted to purchase a ticket at both ends of my journey and enclosing a copy of a travelcard I bought, my appeal was rejected.
      • Fantastic routes do go down other sides of the mountain though, with their ends linked to free bus connections heading back to the lifts, hotels or bars.

    • 1.3(remaining part)

      final masculine
      resto masculine
      candle ends (masculine plural) cabos de vela
      • Some hang on to so-called stub ends, a few shares held for old time's sake, even though they decided to sell out of a position.
      • For example 9 billion cigarette ends get dropped around Australia every year.

  • 2

    • 2.1(finish, close)

      fin masculine
      final masculine
      the end fin
      • at/toward the end of the summer a/hacia finales del verano
      • I've no money left at the end of the month a fin de mes no me queda dinero
      • it will be ready by the end of the week estará listo para el fin de semana
      • she read it to the very end lo leyó hasta el fin / final
      • their food was at an end se les había acabado la comida
      • I'm at the end of my strength estoy al límite / al borde de mis fuerzas
      • just give him the money and let that be an end of / to it dale el dinero y que no se hable más
      • that was the end of the story ahí (se) acabó / terminó la historia
      • that's the end of that! ¡se acabó / sanseacabó!
      • he stood her up once and that was the end of him una vez la dejó plantada y ella no quiso saber más de él
      • we'll never hear the end of this nunca nos va a dejar olvidar esto
      • in the end (finally) al final
      • to put an end to sth poner fin / poner punto final a algo
      • at the end of the day al acabar / terminar el día
      • The major pipe work is expected to be completed by the end of March 2005.
      • All have time-sensitive deadlines that mark the end of August.
      • At the end of the journey he wished to express his appreciation for the favour by treating me to a drink in a bar.
      • Like him or not, we're seeing the tail end of a key era in Canadian politics pass.
      • Final financial approval is expected by the end of June.
      • At the end of our journey, back in Zheleznitsa, we lay down by the side of the river and even had a quick dip in it.
      • By the end of the session they're breathing out big, solid clouds into the chill air.
      • On stepping on the scales just before the end of the week she exclaimed to me in terror that she had in fact gained weight.
      • The Kildare fire services hopes it will have contacted most guest houses by the end of this year.
      • You go out to a night club all happy and then the fights at the end of the night ruin it all.
      • There was a mighty battle in the middle of the park and at the end of it the honours were shared.
      • The first stage will be completed by the end of March.
      • Many say the two new injections could be made available to the public by end of the year.
      • We got the early goal, scored right at the end of the first half and got another within seconds of them getting their goal.
      • "Last year marked the tail end of a bad downturn in the electronics business, " he says.
      • Another financial goal is to have the redecoration of our house completed by the end of March.
      • Much beer was consumed, of course, and I had a bit of a nightmare journey home at the end of the night.
      • We we nearing the end of June and the trip was less than two weeks away.
      • On the evidence of this performance both sides will be in the running for honours at the end of the season.
      • Both Governments are working towards brokering a deal before the end of next week.
      • At the end of this hellish journey, Japan Rail made my father pay for two more tickets.
      • We made a list and set a goal of playing at least one club on the list by summer's end.

    • 2.2(death, destruction)

      final masculine
      fin masculine
      they met a violent end tuvieron un final / fin violento
      • to come to a sticky end acabar / terminar mal
      • I was with him at the end estuve con él en sus últimos momentos
      • don't cry, it's not the end of the world no llores, no es la muerte de nadie / no es para tanto
      • Some suggested its closure signalled the end of the upmarket steakhouse era.
      • Grappling with insurgency appears to be the daily assignment with no end in sight.
      • It was hardly the most glorious end for a man who had cheated death so many times in so many of the world's wilder places.
      • Ward councillors have reacted with dismay, saying it will mean the end of historical links.
      • For the best part of a century, that clanging sound signalled the abrupt end of an English night out.
      • His initial one month deal came to an end at the weekend but the Conference side were keen to keep him there for longer.
      • The only way to dismantle the " terrorist infrastructure " would be to put an end to the occupation.
      • If Labour wins its expected second landslide it will mark the end of a century of Conservative hegemony.
      • The last few weeks have seen the end of a link between Hull and the university that has been part of city life for many years.

    • 2.3(outcome)

      final masculine
      • Carla and Paul are drawn to each other, forming a strange partnership, partially fueled by somewhat repressed desire, as well as their willingness to use each other to further their own ends.
      • This refers to a group of persons who participate in common activity and experience a psychological sense of togetherness as shared ends are sought.
      • Some might try and use those deaths for their own ends, or to justify their belief that we should never have walked this path.
      • The Respondent, on the face of it to further his own ends but also in his view to further the wishes of the assignors, dealt with the matter in such a way that he simply cut out the input of the assignors' solicitors.
      • But the only people who share identical ends for the identical reasons with identical intensity are identical people.
      • Surely the administration would not resort to blackmailing us into allowing the use of the airport to further their own ends?
      • Sadly this often results in the initiative itself becoming the end in itself rather than the means to it.
      • Our ends and values are shared with others and conditioned by the societies in which we live.
      • The religious leader said politicians were trying to use religion to further their own ends, using sectarian violence as a tool.
      • In brief, shared ends are insufficient to anchor the liberal polity; there must be shared justifications as well.
      • Indeed, it is arguable that one can only achieve ones ends by engaging in means that those who oppose you will understand and that will hurt them seriously enough to make them take notice.
      • Human action is the purposeful striving after desired ends.
      • But on the other hand, if we are down about life, and unsure of our ends and goals, enhancement technologies won't help us.
      • To this end I believe that the County Board must act now before an incident like this ends tragically.
      • So he obviously developed a way to use nationalism and identity to further his own ends.
      • He was happy to use me to further his own ends, secure in the knowledge that he'd take me out with virtually no effort when the time came.
      • If you have caused his family any unnecessary pain to further your own ends, then you do not deserve to be in his life at all.
      • So if we believe that economic growth is what makes societies happy, promoting innovation can be this way linked to human ends.
      • This view fuelled an increasingly ruthless pursuit of methods by which to harness nature for purely utilitarian ends, motivated by desire for control, power and wealth.
      • In other words, no one can prove conclusively we are lying, so we will continue to lie in order to further our own ends.

    • 2.4(funny)

      he's/it's the end es divertidísimo
      • no end
      • there were no end of people there había la mar / la tira de gente
      • we enjoyed ourselves no end nos divertimos a más no poder / hasta decir basta

  • 3

    fin masculine
    does the end justify the means? ¿el fin justifica los medios?
    • an end in itself un fin en sí mismo
    • to use sth for one's own ends usar algo para sus (/ mis etc. ) propios fines
    • for political ends con fines políticos
    • to this end con / a este fin
  • 4

    • 4.1(in football, tennis, netball)

      to change ends cambiar de lado
      • at the Saints' end en el área que defienden los Saints

    • 4.2(in US football)

      extremo masculine
      defensive/tight end extremo defensivo/cerrado
      • The ends line up directly in front of the offensive tackles.
      • They are, however, ready to finally have a decent receiving tight end.
      • He was a pass-rushing defensive end in college.
      • The team puts four ends on the field and gets heavy pressure without blitzing.
      • "He's one of the top defensive ends in this league, " Lewis says.
      • His presence was also valuable in set pieces at both ends of the pitch.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (argument/fight/discussion) terminar
    (fight/argument/discussion) dar fin a
    (discussion/fight/argument) poner fin a
    (gossip/speculation) acabar con
    (gossip/speculation) terminar con
    he ended his own life puso fin a su vida
  • 2

    concluir formal
    how about a cup of coffee to end the meal? ¿qué tal un café para terminar la comida?
    • the scene which ends the movie la escena con (la) que acaba / termina la película
    • to end one's days terminar sus días

intransitive verb

  • 1

    concluir formal
    the concert ends at eleven el concierto acaba / termina a las once
    • his career/life ended tragically su carrera/vida terminó de un modo trágico
    • it will all end in tears va a acabar / terminar mal
    • a word ending in 'x' una palabra que termina con 'x'
    • it always ends with me apologizing al final siempre soy yo el que pide perdón