Translation of end product in Spanish:

end product

producto final, n.


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    producto final masculine
    • The end product is not what counts, it is the process and the experimentation that your child goes through to get there.
    • When she finally saw the end product she was shocked at what she had created.
    • Food production is important not only because it is the end product of farming, but because it is a vital part of all our lives.
    • Despite having little material to work with she was extremely proud of the end product.
    • The result is an end product that is different from the standard things on television, he believes.
    • The odour while it was boiling was wonderful, so hopefully the end product will be equally good.
    • The end product is the same - waste material is recycled to the benefit of the environment.
    • It is expected to take several years to build, with the end product not expected to be finished until 2005.
    • I need to stop worrying about the end product and just do the work.
    • The end product is a strong, vibrant painting in bold colours with a wealth of detail capturing the jumble of roofs and chimneys.
    • This end product was a result of an eye-opening exploration of traditional Islam.
    • The whole point of engaging in a productive process is the final end product, which you get to consume.
    • It's a simple fact of food science that sugar and salt are major factors in improving taste in the end product.
    • Or is it just the end product of a particularly successful marketing campaign?
    • He said the end product reflected the enormity of commitment that went into developing the lakeside walk and lake.
    • Most of the recipes have at least one photo so you have an idea of what your end product should look like.
    • You can, but when you start an investigation of that nature you do not know what the end product is going to be.
    • If a person is not happy with the end product we will work on it until they are pleased.
    • The developing young adult novel reflected these trends and was also the end product of literary influences.
    • Five members each with their own style, their own passion, their own pet hates and their own input into the end product.