Translation of endemic in Spanish:


endémico, adj.

Pronunciation /ɛnˈdɛmɪk//ɛnˈdɛmɪk/


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    (disease/condition) endémico
    social unrest is endemic in these areas el malestar social es endémico en estas zonas
    • The mistake has been endemic in this country when you would think we should know better.
    • Malaria is endemic and is a cause of premature death.
    • The vast coastal swamps caused by centuries of deforestation made malaria endemic in many parts of central and southern Italy.
    • Poverty is endemic in the South and it is spreading to the North.
    • When the eradication initiative was launched in 1988 polio was endemic in 125 countries.
    • Again, it would be insane to pretend that everything is OK: poverty remains endemic.
    • The new president inherited an economy in ruins and corruption so endemic it had become a way of life.
    • Individual ineffectiveness, indiscipline and corruption remain endemic among modern police officers.
    • Unfortunately TB, Hepatitis B and HIV are all endemic in these parts of the world.
    • And there is no doubt the endemic poverty in the country is a barrier to innovation.
    • The district records one of the country's highest suicides rates, mainly due to endemic poverty.
    • Parasitic infections are endemic among this population.
    • Diseases endemic in Europe, such as typhoid and influenza, became major causes of morbidity and death.
    • The disease is still endemic in many Latin American countries and large epidemics of rubella occur periodically.
    • Why is political stability so elusive, and why are violence and rights violations so endemic?
    • Malaria was endemic and contributed considerably to the degree of anaemia observed.
    • In fact the problem is so endemic that it hardly bares thinking about it, particularly by politicians.
    • I can hardly describe the sense of anger and betrayal and sheer disillusionment now endemic in the staff.
    • Rocky Mountain spotted fever is endemic in North, Central, and South America.
    • Shortages have become endemic to many regions, as record drought and population sprawl sap rivers and aquifers.
    • Of course, it is not the only country to suffer from endemic corruption.