Translation of enduring in Spanish:


imperecedero, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈd(j)ʊrɪŋ//ɛnˈd(j)ʊrɪŋ//ɪnˈdjʊərɪŋ//ɛnˈdjʊərɪŋ//ɛnˈdjɔːrɪŋ//ɪnˈdʒɔːrɪŋ/


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    (memory/fame) imperecedero
    (fame/memory) perdurable
    (peace/change) duradero
    • The enduring legacy of Einstein will continue to inspire generations of great thinkers.
    • This describes the enduring significance of the Magna Carta today.
    • How does this project fit into a larger view of your practice and some of the enduring issues that have driven your work and continue to preoccupy you?
    • Some of these themes are the enduring stuff of social stratification.
    • The cornerstone of all successful and enduring relationships is two people with similar values and compatible goals.
    • He must be permitted to grow up in an atmosphere that facilitates a positive, enduring bond with each parent.
    • Well I think there's no doubt now it has an enduring impact upon children.
    • Some relationships are more fragile and less enduring than others.
    • Such sacrifice, bravery, and dedication to our patients reflects their enduring loyalty to the Hippocratic Oath.
    • These strengths and limitations testify to Robinson's enduring influence and suggest directions for continued work.
    • There clearly are some issues that cannot be adequately covered by the enduring power of attorney legislation currently provided in law.
    • Contractual rights may be more valuable and enduring than proprietary rights.
    • In a small proportion of cases the illness may take a chronic course over many years with a transition into an enduring personality disorder.
    • Striking testimony to the enduring power of Ulysses is that we mark not the birth of its author or the publication of the book but the imagined day of the fiction.
    • The women of Motown created an enduring music that, after four decades, continues to keep us dancing in the streets, dubs and basements.
    • Continuing scientific research has become the hallmark of this enduring program.
    • Even with today's high divorce rates, marital relationships are also more enduring, which makes our investment in them all the wiser.
    • Even if her previous style may prove more enduring, these raw paintings will find many enthusiasts.