Translation of engaged in Spanish:


prometido, adj.

Pronunciation /ɛnˈɡeɪdʒd//ɪnˈɡeɪdʒd//ɪnˈɡeɪdʒd//ɛnˈɡeɪdʒd/


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    comprometido Latin America
    to be engaged to sb estar prometido a algn
    • to become / get engaged prometerse
    • the engaged couple los prometidos
    • When he arrived at her family's farm, he learned that she had become engaged to another man.
    • Those already engaged and soon-to-be-married may either make plans together or go it alone, one last time.
    • He has three children from a previous marriage, and is engaged to be married to Michelle.
    • His parents look at each other and back at the engaged couple on the bed.
    • He explains that he's engaged and can't be involved with her, and he leaves, breaking her fragile heart in the process.
    • We had been together for 5 months, and engaged for 4 months.
    • Paul is engaged to marry Karen, who is the perfect woman.
    • "You're a good friend, " she said watching the engaged couple.
    • They began as friends but things gradually progressed to a romantic relationship and now they are engaged to be married, though no date has been specified.
    • We are both 21 and have been engaged for three years.
    • The College has already received enquiries from engaged couples.
    • I am engaged to a wonderful man who is of another culture.
    • The colors of the streamers denote whether the woman is single, engaged to marry, or married.
    • Carter turns 27 this month and is engaged to be married, to a doctor.
    • When a couple becomes engaged to be married, a ring is offered by the young man.
    • While he is gone, Mrs. Weston reveals to Emma that Frank Churchill and Jane Fairfax had been secretly attached and are now engaged!
    • He eventually betrayed her and became engaged to another woman after they had children.
    • We're engaged to be married in two months, on the anniversary of the day I left.
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    • 2.1formal (occupied)

      I'm otherwise engaged tengo otro compromiso
      • engaged in / on
      • they are engaged in a new business venture tienen un nuevo negocio entre manos
      • the work we are engaged on at the moment el trabajo que nos ocupa en este momento
      • The turbulent 21st century needs an active and engaged America working to spread freedom and democracy - not one that withdraws into itself.
      • Learning communities provide these students with an opportunity to learn within a supportive community of engaged students and involved faculty.
      • It was still engaged, but this time a woman was queuing to enter.
      • Lila is still actively engaged in its charitable activities, though the media has not been reporting much.
      • "If I don't get otherwise engaged… I think so… " He clearly hoped not.
      • The building is packed with people busily engaged in conversation.
      • The owners expect that one outcome will be a more creative, motivated, and engaged workforce.
      • Just about made it back to the hospital only to find engaged toilets!
      • While I was thus engaged, my patron was busy reading the placard that the library where I intern has placed at the reference desk.
      • Its leaders are actively engaged right now looking for a solution.

    • 2.2British


    • 2.3British Telecommunications

      comunicando Spain
      the number is engaged está ocupado
      • the engaged tone / signal la señal de ocupado
      • The phone lines for the credit office are now constantly engaged.
      • I spent a good hour or more phoning various listed police telephone numbers that were all constantly engaged.
      • This followed a survey of patients which found many had difficulties getting through on a dedicated results line, which was often engaged.
      • The number was permanently engaged for half an hour.
      • Telephone lines to this Department are either engaged or ring endlessly.
      • Later, a student working on reception rang up repeatedly, but the telephone was always engaged.
      • Information on award notices was poor while customers seeking help with claims had their letters ignored or encountered engaged telephone lines, she said.
      • I tried dialling the landline from my mobile - and got an engaged tone.
      • But again there was no joy as the number is constantly engaged.
      • People affected said they had tried calling them, but all the telephone lines were either engaged or just rang, unanswered.
      • Tried to call her tonight to arrange Friday night, but she's engaged.
      • This morning I have tried ringing bus company for two hours only to find the number engaged!
      • For the first 300-400 goes, I continually receive an engaged tone.
      • This line was repeatedly engaged when we tried to call it this morning.
      • I tried to get through to tell them about Adam, but the lines were engaged.
      • They also spent several hours calling a dedicated information line, but it was continually engaged.

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