Translation of engineer in Spanish:


ingeniero, n.

Pronunciation /ɛndʒɪˈnɪə//ˌɛndʒəˈnɪr/


  • 1

    • 1.1(graduate)

      ingeniero masculine
      ingeniera feminine
      • If so, I can assure you, as a practical aeronautical engineer, that such a trip is neither fantastic nor impractical.
      • Seventy-three-year-old Kalam is also, incidentally, one of India's most renowned scientists and a former aeronautical engineer.
      • Alternatively you could hire a consulting structural engineer.
      • If the bridge appears safe, trains are allowed to cross it, but only at 5mph, until a qualified bridge engineer has carried out a detailed inspection.
      • Its team of naval architects, electrical engineers, marine engineers and design draughtsmen offer their experience to the shipping industry.
      • He is a registered professional engineer in New Hampshire.
      • Hugo Troche is a software engineer originally from Asuncion, Paraguay now living in Auburn, Alabama, USA.
      • Now, building automation engineers are designing these systems around the structured cable plant used for engineers who designed the SRBs would have preferred to make them a bit fatter, but the SRBs had to be shipped by train from the factory to the launch site.
      • An aerospace engineer by training, Dr. Chen received his Ph.D. from the California Institute of Technology.
      • Fifty years old, she is a qualified electrical engineer.
      • Dave, a graduate aeronautical engineer, learned to fly at Barton Aerodrome with the Lancashire Aero Club and has a private pilot's licence.
      • After I graduate, I'm going to become an aerospace engineer and design space ships with the Kazoo Constant.
      • He built relationships with leading design professionals and forensic engineers, some of whom he had met at the symposium.
      • She was talking to a software engineer who works in the private sector.
      • Basso is qualified as an aeronautical engineer, having worked in the United States for NASA near Washington.
      • The zx 2000 is a single processor system built with design engineers in mind.
      • Tarek Alkhrdaji, Ph.D., is a design engineer for the Structural Group.
      • As a young man growing up in Vancouver in the 1930s and '4Os, Denham contemplated becoming an aeronautical engineer or an English professor.
      • Richie Hindle is a professional software engineer in the UK.
      • He is also trained as a nuclear engineer and nuclear submarine operator.
      • He holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and is a registered professional engineer.
      • As an electronics engineer I used to build gadgets for my cars including battery strength indicators, lights-on warning alarms and even alarm systems themselves.
      • Daniel P. Duffy, P.E., is a professional environmental engineer in Cincinnati, OH.
      • He is also an experienced and qualified audio engineer.

    • 1.2British (in factory)

      oficial masculine
      oficiala feminine
      • This is because the engineers will design the structure of the ship with the safe assumption in mind that 99 of the time, the ships engines will be burning along, or at least very near to the direction of the ships momentum.
      • Online collaboration systems are designed to link the facility staff with architects, engineers, contractors and other members of the building team.
      • There were also brilliant engineers among them who contributed to the development of new techniques.
      • He will be returning to his home town, Kabul, along with a group of engineers, planners and architects, to play a vital role in rebuilding the city's culture.
      • The first design challenge the engineers confronted was constructing on the changeable soils.
      • Most startling of all are the exhaustive lengths to which their designers and engineers go to build safety into even the smallest component.
      • The students work with engineers and teachers to design, build and test a robot in just six weeks.
      • It requires a trained engineer to properly design each location.
      • Having confirmed the physical dimensions of the existing structure, the architects and engineers were able to begin designing the new dome.
      • Originally, engineers thought the repairs could cost up to £300,000, but they have managed to reduce the figure to £88,000.
      • In designing this the engineers had to constantly keep in mind the acoustic requirements of the project.
      • This guy is an engineer who designs and builds humanoid robots that are capable of standing and walking on their own, not just some guy who tinkers in his garage.
      • That meant working closely with engineers and assemblers to build a simple user interface and limit production costs.
      • Indeed, engineers nowadays design and construct bridges so that oscillations remain strictly limited.
      • Others, such as engineers who manage and maintain specific building systems or floors, should be brought in as appropriate.
      • This is important to the engineers who design and build products, because it gives them a tool to determine what the future costs will be.
      • In the early days of television, the engineers who designed and built TV picture tubes faced technical problems that caused them to make some compromises.
      • It is also a chance to get any repairs done and most engineers and ships carpenters are at present flat out trying to get boats back to sea.
      • The engineer designing the system needs to take into account a wide range of factors in order to assure the reliability of the electrical systems.
      • It was taking the concept and working it through with local councillors, planners, architects, engineers and accountants from genesis to creation.

    • 1.3British (for maintenance)

      técnico feminine
      ingeniero masculine Mexico
      ingeniera feminine Mexico

    • 1.4Nautical

      maquinista naval feminine
      chief engineer jefa de máquinas feminine

    • 1.5

      the Engineers el cuerpo de ingenieros

  • 2US

    maquinista feminine
    • He says that when train engineers blow their horns through town it is blatant harassment.
    • We noticed that the engineer was having a tough time getting the train stopped at the stations, on account of leaves on the tracks.
    • It took some time for the train crew to notify the engineer to let his passenger off, by that time the train had reached Glenlord Road in Stevensville, about five miles south.
    • Union Pacific train engineers won't be allowed to sound piercing horns as the trains cross city streets, but they will continue to sound a bell mounted on the trains.
    • The train engineer spotted him standing on the tracks holding a cell phone to one ear and cupping his hand over the other to keep from being distracted by the inconsiderate noise of a train horn.
    • I couldn't have been more wrong; it turned out that he was the engineer for our train.
    • This is because a Restricting signal may require that the engineer stop his train for an obstruction shortly beyond the home signal.
    • New signs have been installed along the tracks, alerting train engineers to the distance remaining to the railroad crossings in the center of town as they approach the city limits.
    • At most of the flag stops the only indication of a station was a sign post next to which a person would stand causing the engineer to stop the train.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (contrive, bring about)
    (plan) urdir
    (plan) tramar
    (defeat/downfall) fraguar
    she engineered a truce between the two factions logró / consiguió una tregua entre las dos facciones
    • he engineered the company's recovery fue el artífice de la recuperación de la empresa
    • It requires concerted efforts to engineer cultural change.
    • What can you do about confidence tricks, phishing and other socially engineered security breaches?
    • Peter is not reduced to nervous shambles, he barks back at his guard and engineers a reasonable escape plan.
    • York were immediately on the back foot but repelled a series of short corners and managed to engineer a breakaway attack.
    • Grant, who worked as a director with United Biscuits before engineering a management buy-out of Mackay's in 1995, is clear about what he is doing.
    • Obviously such trips are engineered, stage-managed so that Palin is in no danger and invariably encounters interesting people and situations.
    • Nick Kew has posted a very interesting proposal to engineer a means to handle Web accessibility on the server-side.
    • The two cable groups will finally be brought together in a deal engineered by that mysterious American investor.
    • He has already engineered what might appear to be a highly advantageous setup.
    • Only she knows if her exhibitionism is sincere self-expression or carefully engineered self-promotion.
    • His father is convinced the accident was deliberately engineered and vows the claim will be contested.
    • They possessed a lethal forward division that managed to engineer breathtaking scores from very limited possession but some gaping holes at the back ensured that defeat would be their lot.
    • That has produced a consensus view that China was successfully engineering a managed slowdown.
    • He received a quickly taken free kick and managed to engineer an opportunity for himself.
    • In other words they have managed to engineer a win-win situation for themselves, at the expense of their bitter rivals to the north of the island.
    • Brenda hadn't ceased to plot, plan and engineer his defeat, regardless if he was the only capable negotiator dedicated to the union's position.
    • Each day, a fresh surprise seems to be sprung on a Labour machine - some engineered by the Conservative Party, most of them bolts from the blue.
    • Mr Duxbury took over responsibility for burial services this year after the council engineered a managerial shake-up to try to improve services.
  • 2engineered past participle

    a beautifully engineered bridge/road un puente/una carretera de magnífica ingeniería
    • genetically engineered bacteria bacterias creadas por ingeniería genética
    • Haden will be running the paint shop that it has designed, engineered and built.
    • The car is designed and engineered around the modules, which are assembled in the plant.
    • Design professionals can contribute to the conservation of materials by designing and engineering structures so they can be more easily taken apart in the future.
    • It was designed and engineered by British Architect Sir Norman Foster and is company.
    • As a product of the cold-war era, it was engineered to withstand aerial bombardment.
    • Optionally, machines can also be engineered to incorporate printing, code dating, and labeling equipment.
    • The vehicle, designed and engineered by our company will be essentially built by an outside supplier.
    • Similarly, the Ford Territory is designed, engineered and built in Melbourne.
    • It is a superbly engineered and well-built car.
    • That's because these machines are engineered to be both super-durable and highly precise.
    • Here's how Ford is taking technology pioneered by the aircraft industry to help design and engineer better cars.
    • Reliability means that it will be of durable construction, engineered for safety and built with experience.
    • Unwittingly, he had unleashed the most diabolically destructive war machine yet engineered by the minds of men.
    • Over the next twenty years he was posted to a variety of different places where he was involved in engineering, in structural design, fortifications, soil mechanics, and many other areas.
    • He often recalled the words of his father and dreamed of using technology to engineer a wondrous machine that would propel him into the heavens to meet the Lord.
    • In its graceful form and precisely engineered structure, the ski jump emulates the drama and daring of the sport itself.
    • Has the structure actually been engineered to accommodate this need, or is there another element external to it that serves the purpose?
    • Solid, superbly engineered and with the build quality of an executive jet.
    • Builders fashion structures engineered to keep their inhabitants warm in winter and cool in summer.
    • The extended version is designed, engineered and built by the same company.