Translation of Englishwoman in Spanish:


inglesa, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɪŋɡlɪʃwʊmən//ˈɪŋ(ɡ)lɪʃˌwʊmən/

nounPlural Englishwomen

  • 1

    inglesa feminine
    • In 1971 it was won by Princess Anne, who is an Englishwoman.
    • The Englishwoman has come to dominate the British scene and she will be among the favourites this coming weekend, although her focus is likely to be Saturday's 8km race.
    • In 1995, having fallen in love with an Englishwoman, he moved to London and opened another North African restaurant, Momo.
    • She found herself facing an irritated Englishwoman and an annoyed Scotsman.
    • One of them apparently stayed in England and married an Englishwoman.
    • It was created by Lord Radcliff in the late 19th century and enriched by various owners - lastly by Miss Campbell, a rich Englishwoman, who sold it to the state in 1966.
    • More than 300 years before Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles, she was the last Englishwoman to marry an heir to the throne.
    • It is the story of a day in the life of an Englishwoman who is about to have a party for her husband.
    • Straight had married an Englishwoman in 1935, taken British nationality and fought as a Hurricane pilot during the Battle of Britain.
    • In 1792 he married an Englishwoman, Susanna.
    • The Englishwoman admitted that, at times, drawing a Korean in an international competition made the heart drop, so perhaps that is why she looked glum.
    • An Englishwoman has started a gym, where Spanish ladies go to aerobics classes to lose weight.
    • The new name stuck, presumably because it excited the imagination of Englishwomen, and remained prevalent for most of the 20th Century.
    • Opened in 1994, the centre is the success story of a determined Englishwoman.
    • In 1804, with the plan to invade England, he was stationed in northern France where he fell in love with an Englishwoman by whom he had a daughter, ‘Floriana’.
    • An adventurous Englishwoman who first moved to Mexico in the Fifties to marry the New York Times Mexico correspondent, she has spent the past 30 years tracking down traditional recipes from the farthest reaches of Mexico.
    • His third marriage, in 1984, was to an Englishwoman; two years later they retired to the United Kingdom.
    • There were two memoirs, both subtitled ‘an African Childhood’, both by Englishwomen.