Translation of enneagram in Spanish:


eneagrama, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɛniəˌɡræm//ˈɛnɪəɡram/



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    eneagrama feminine
    • But when I say that I saw the entire system of enneagrams like in a vision, it was a reference to this clarity of thought with which I could envision the entire system after so many years of dedicated, intense work.
    • According to the enneagram, our weaknesses seem to come from a central compulsion or preoccupation by our way of paying attention and searching for something or avoiding certain things in life.
    • The above is interesting A) because I like enneagrams and B) because as a child I was nearly 100% type 5.
    • The enneagram helps people understand their own personalities in a new light with an appreciation of each other's gifts.
    • While he has completed a book on enneagrams, he wants more and more people to use the wisdom of enneagram to develop their personalities, hence the series of workshops.